Blades for handheld knives

Utility blades from Sollex suits the professional users best. 

Sollex has a wide range of utility blades with high quality that suits most handles on the market. Sollex utility blades are available with a variety of different grindings, metal-compounds, and coatings in order to acquire optimal performance and long durability. The blades are optimized for cutting in for example plaster, roofing felt, and different types of floors. Read more about our product qualities and coatings here in order to find the best blade for you! 

We offer utility blades for most types of handheld knives, such as long straight utility blades, short straight utility blades, hook blades, snap-off blades, concave blades, scalpels, replacement blades for safety knives and other blades. Unsure about what blade you need? Call us at +46 35-157500 and we will help you!

Sollex has professional utility blades for professional users. On this category page you'll find Sollex utility blades: long straight blades, short straight blades, hook blades, concave blades, scalpels, utility blades for safety knives and other blades. Feel free to contact us if you want more information about Sollex's sharp blades.

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