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3 Meters Long Toothed Machine Knife - NEW RECORD

Sollex is happy to report the delivery of a record 3000mm long toothed knife. We made the machine knife in high quality D2 steel for a Swedish plastic foam and non woven manufacturer.


Why was a solid 3000 mm toothed knife important for customer?

Toothed knife of 3000mm length and 150 teeth - Sollex new recordFor many years Sollex has supplied our customer with three similar 1000mm knives mounted together. Side by side forming a 3000mm long knife. However, there was a tiny gap between the three individual toothed blades. After careful consideration of different welding methods, the customer decided that the knife should be solid with no welds. Basically, a solid 3m serrated knife that covers the entire web of foam or non-woven material to make smooth cuts of the produced material.

Why is it difficult to manufacture long machine knives?

It is difficult to produce machine knives that are over 2 meters long because you need a very large oven to put the knife in to achieve a constant hardening process. Also, the particular toothed knife has 150 teeth that need to be perfectly sharpened. Unfortunately, if one tooth goes wrong, you have to scrap the whole knife and start over.

Manufacturing long machine knives presents several technical challenges. Ensuring material consistency along the entire length of the knife is critical, as variations can lead to weak spots or uneven wear. 

With longer items, it is more difficult to achieve manufacturing precision and maintain tight tolerances, including straightness, edge geometry and thickness. Applying a consistent surface finish along the entire length of the blade, especially when the blade has complex geometries, adds to the difficulty.

Uniform heat treatment and stress relief are essential, but challenging to achieve over the entire length of a long blade. It must be heated and cooled uniformly to avoid stress points or distortion. Balancing the flexibility and stiffness of machine knives is more complex with longer knives. They need to hold their shape under load, yet remain flexible enough to resist breaking. 

Each aspect demands specific expertise, precision equipment, and strict quality control.

‌What is a 3 meters long toothed knife used for?

This manufacturer produces raw materials for plastic foam and nonwoven products. The company recycles industrial waste and transforms it into products with improved properties. By incorporating recycled material, especially from PET bottles, the environmental impact is minimized and the process supports a circular economy.

This material can be found in finished products that promote a healthy environment, such as sound reduction, air improvement and softening of hard surfaces. Products made from the recycled material can be found in a variety of industries including furniture, automotive and ventilation.

Order Machine Knives from Sollex

Need top-quality knives for your machines? Sollex has got you covered! We specialize in making machine knives, industrial slitting razor blades, knives for recycling and even extremely long toothed blades. Our team is skilled in creating industrial knives that aren't just standard – we can make what you need, exactly how you need it. We can also help our customers with blade design, coatings, materials, polishing and oils for improved durability and performance. Drop us a line or give us a call and we will try to help as best we can.

Sollex is located in Malmo, Sweden and has over 96 years of experience in knife and blade manufacturing.

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