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How to Prevent Corrosion of Industrial Knives and Blades

We wanted to tell you more about industrial blades packaging, metal corrosion, and ways to protect blades from corrosive processes. Let's start with the theory of what the corrosion process and its varieties.

The nature of metal corrosion

rusted knife blade - example - Sollex blogCorrosion (from Latin corrosio - erosion) is the destruction of surface layer in metals under the influence of the environment. In corrosion, the surface tarnishes, corrodes, and destroys the metal. These processes shorten the life of metal products and limit their use. Cutting products with corroded steel blades, used in the production of e.g. plastic film, will inevitably lead to final product defects. So correct storage of industrial blades reduces defects and costs in production.

In theory, it is accepted that the destruction of the metal surface by corrosion can be caused by several reasons: the distorted shape of the atomic crystal structure, chemical heterogeneity of the metal, the surrounding physical conditions and other numerous factors. 

The rate of rusting can be reduced or halted altogether if its nature is accurately determined by changing the physical conditions of industrial knives and blades, as well as the chemical composition of the metal and its structure. 

Corrosion damage to metals and alloys can be of the following types: solid even corrosion, solid uneven corrosion, pitting corrosion, subsurface corrosion, selective corrosion, intergranular corrosion. 

Different types of corrosion on metals - Image - Sollex blog

All of the corrosion types shown in the picture above are characterized by the fact that there is a gradual destruction of the metal surface in structures. In some cases it is hidden corrosion damage, in other cases it is open. Knives and blades are usually subject to selective corrosion.

Methods to protect industrial knives from corrosion 

In practice, various effective methods have been developed to protect metal products from rusting. You will find them widely used in various industries and construction. 


The Sollex packaging for industrial razors is a plastic dispenser with two spears - Sollex blogKnives and blades come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, the primary packaging in which they are sold and stored differs accordingly. But there are basic rules that apply to all types of industrial machine blades.

As a rule, protective oils and greases are used. The use of protective lubricants is reduced to the temporary isolation of metal from the corrosive environment. Coating the surface of industrial knives and blades with a special anti-corrosion oil protects the metal surfaces from the environment and oxidation. 

But coating metal products with oil and grease is not enough. For transportation and temporary storage, machine knives and blades are wrapped in oiled, laminated or waxed paper to insulate them from moist air, precipitation, etc. 

The final protective layer is to create vacuum around the blades. Vacuum prevents oxidation processes 100% and prolongs storage of the knives for a much longer period until the packaging is opened.

Sollex packaging for digital cutting machine knives is a plastic dispenser. Each knife has its tip in foam and is fixed in the plastic dispenser and are individually vacuum packed together as a sales unit.



Storing Industrial Knives - Use Gloves to Handle Industrial Razor or Knife Blades - Sollex BlogOnce you have opened the vacuum and primary packaging, it is important again to know some rules for storing industrial knives on your shelf.

  1. Wear gloves before picking up a blade or knife. First, the knives are oiled, and second, you won't leave fingerprints on the surface of the knife. Breaking the thin layer of protective coating will, over time, lead to corrosion processes in the place where the mark was left.
  2. If there are a large number of blades and knives in an open package and you don't use them that quickly, make sure they are evenly coated with oil, wrapped tightly in oiled paper, and stored in the package. 
  3. Also, the air in the production department is often humid and warm, so avoid direct storage where production machines work.
  4. If you are using blades and knives that do not include an oil coating, it is important to keep the packaging tightly sealed and stored in a dry area.

All of the above applies to Sollex industrial knife packages. 

Coating of blades

Coating of knives and blades - pellet blades and pointed blades as examples - Sollex blog

Coating blades for industrial applications with various alloys is mainly done to improve their performance, wear resistance, hardness and blade sharpness. But blade coatings also protect the surface from corrosion. In this article, you can read more about Sollex coatings for industrial machine knives and blades. 

Which machine knife is right for my business?

industrial three hole razor blades 60mm long - Sollex machine bladesSollex has a very wide range of machine knives and razor blades for industrial applications. All the knives and blades we offer are tested by previous customers and are packed properly in industrial packagings. If you do not find what you are looking for, it is good to know that Sollex develops most of our machine knives together with customers. 

If you have any questions about industrial machine knives and blades, please contact Sollex on +4635-15 75 00. 

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