Kniven av typen Martor 614 är slipad på de två kortsidorna för att skära material i horisontell riktning - Läs mer om kniven i Sollex blogg

Martor 614 or Sollex 950V Trapezoid Blade ❘ Special Design

Blade design, comparing with other blades, advantages, characteristics

Martor 614 blade - a special trapezoid blade with 2 short cutting sides

Sollex 950 or also known as Martor 614 is a trapezoid blade with grinding on the blade's short angled sides. It is a two edged, single sided, double bevel blade for industrial usage. Martor blade differs from a regular trapezoid blade in that it has 2 sides of the trapezoid blade instead of 1 long lower side sharpened.

Given that the angle of attack of this blade is 38 degrees in relation to the material to be cut, it is ideal for cutting the material crosswise. Thanks to the blade's sturdy locking capabilities, you don't have to press it against the blade as with most other types of blades. Thus, a clear space advantage is achieved compared to conventional blades.

The cutting performance of the Sollex 950V or Martor 614 industrial packaging knives is quite specific. It does not require very high speed, but thanks to the single-sided double bevel grinding conical sharpening you get a very fine cut, suitable for cutting off surplus material when joining rolls of material in packaging machines.

By design and performance, this trapezoidal blade works elegantly. However, for packaging knives, durability is the key issue for trouble-free maintenance. This 950V knife is also made of the highest quality tungsten carbide, ensuring a long life with high sharpness and wear resistance. Trapezoid machine knife 950V designed and most commonly used in the production of flexible and carton packaging for food and beverages.

Martor discontinues 614 and Sollex starts with 950V 

Martor 614.50 / Sollex 950 trapezoid blades - Buy custom made machine knives from SollexThe German safety knife company Martor has been producing a trapezoid knife called 614. Martor blades for packaging machines have been well known for a long time. But in 2014 this blade was discontinued by Martor for focusing on safety knives.

However after a number of requests Sollex started making the same blade to support customers who had lost their only supplier. So Sollex is the only company that still makes this high quality Trapezoidal Blade for Industrial usage. In addition we are the only supplier that coats Martor industrial blade no. 614 with ceramic coating for extra long durability.

Application of Martor 614 or Sollex 950 trapezoidal blade

This blade is typically designed to be placed in a machine for cut material webs in transverse direction. It is not intended to cut materials in a lengthwise direction. Materials can be plastic film or paper like materials. he special feature of this machine knife is that it has two cutting sides, allowing the material to be cut while the knife makes horizontal cuts and moves forward and backward. 

Buyers of Sollex 950V or Martor 614 are machine builders or packaging manufacturing companies. It has no use outside industrial manufacturing. Customers has been Europe's largest packaging company as well as machine builders in Sweden, the Baltics, South Africa, and Germany.

How to buy special blades for industrial use

Sollex is a supplier of various customer-specific blades and industrial knives. We can say that we have a lot of experience in manufacturing blades specifically for various packaging machines. The Martor 614 trapezoidal blade is an example of an industrial special purpose blade for the packaging industry. It does an excellent job of cross-cutting the web of material. 

If you need Custom Industrial Blades Sollex is a trusted Knife Blade manufacturer in Sweden. Our company was started in 1927 and we are specialized in Blades For Automated Packaging Machines. We make blade like 950V or Martor industrial blade no. 614 for packaging machine builders and maintenance.

About Sollex Knives and Blades

Our machine knives and industrial-type razor blades are made of high quality stainless steel with different coatings on the edge or side of the blades. Sole blades we make in solid tungsten carbide or ceramics. If you do not find the blade you are looking for Sollex is able to manufacture industrial knives and razor blades according to your drawing or needs. Feel free to contact us at +4635-15 75-00 or at if you have any questions regarding our industrial razor blades.

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