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Johan Falk

How to cut cardboard [VIDEO]

How to cut cardboard in the best way

When you want to cut cardboard, use snap-off knives with long knife blades. Avoid pushing the knife through the box and cut down the box instead. Cut the cardboard at a 45 degree angle. For the best result feel free to make a cut in the box’s corner.

It is important not to have segments in the knife blade, so avoid using ordinary folding snap-off blades when cutting cardboard. Instead, use blades without segments. This will keep you from risking to break the blade when you cut the box and prevent an accident.

How to cut cardboard in the best way:

  • Use as long part of the knife blade as possible
  • Feel free to cut the box in a corner
  • Incline the blade by 45 degrees
  • Avoid ordinary Snap-Off blades
  • Use Snap-off blade without segments

These products are suitable for cutting cardboard:

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