Industrial razor blades

Industrial razor blades for slitting and converting plastic film, foil, paper, nonwoven, flexible materials.

Our products are high performance coated blades with extreme endurance optimized for cutting plastic film and foil. Depending on what you want, Sollex offers both cost-efficient blades and blades with an extremely high performance. You are welcome to order samples to test our blades. 

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Best Slitter Razor Blades for Industrial Cutting and Converting Processes

Sollex is a slitter blade manufacturer and supplier based in Sweden, Europe. We have a large variety of different industrial razor blades such as film slitting blades, slotted slitter blades, straight three hole slitting blades, round 3 hole slitter blades, reinforced single edge blades, injector blades, industrial double edge razor blades, razor blades with a gillette grip. 

What You Need To Know About Industrial Razor Blades

What is Razor Slitting?

In general, three types of slitting methods are used to cut (slit) flexible materials: razor slitting, shear slitting, and score slitting. Razor slitting is a method of cutting materials into narrow strips or sheets using an industrial razor blade in a slitter (rewinder) machine. Razor slitting is often used for high-speed cutting of thin and flexible materials. It can produce precise cuts with minimal waste and is well suited for applications that require high accuracy and consistency.

What is an Industrial Razor Blade?

An industrial slitter razor blade is a type of slitting blade, which is thin, straight blade used to cut narrow strips of material. Industrial razor blades are used in various manufacturing and processing industries to cut various materials such as paper, plastic film and foil, and other soft materials. Industrial razor blades are typically made of high quality steel or other durable materials such as tungsten carbide, ceramic, which allow them to withstand heavy use and provide precise cuts for long periods of time. The blades are mounted in special blade holders

What are Industrial Razor Blades Used for?

The razor slitting blades are ideal for cutting film, foil, paper and thin non-woven material. 

Industrial Razor Blades for Film and Foil Slitting Machines

For plastic film manufacturers, we offer a number of different industrial blades:

1. Slotted slitter blades. They come with straight or rounded corners. Thickness of such slitter blades is 0.40 mm. Standard blade size 57x19x0.40mm. 

2. 3-hole industrial razor blades. Such slitting blades also come with straight and rounded corners. The blade sizes are as follows: 

  • 43x22x0.13 mm
  • 43x22x0.15 mm
  • 43x22x0.20 mm
  • 43x22x0.30 mm
  • 43x22x0.40 mm
  • 43x22x0.40 mm
  • 43x22x0.20 mm

3. Injector blades. These are small industrial blades, usually sized 38x8x0.25mm. They have 2 holes for mounting in the slitter machine.

Sollex industrial blades are available in the following materials and coatings:

  • Tool Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Solid Tungsten Carbide
  • T - TiN Titanium Nitride
  • Z - Zero Friction
  • K - Ceramic coating
  • X - Full Ceramic coating

Sollex industrial razor blades can be used in various industries. The industrial razor blades are manufactured from materials such as high quality stainless steel, high chrome carbon steel, solid ceramic or tungsten carbide. For the absolute best performance, we coat the cutting edges for even higher performance and durability. The material we coat razor blades with is usually a ceramic coating that protects the cutting edge.

Comparison of industrial blades of carbon vs stainless steel vs tungsten carbide + extra coatings to improve their performance - Sollex industrial machine knives and blades

For the absolute best performance, we coat the razor blade edges, which gives even higher performance and durability. The material we coat razor blades with is usually a ceramic coating that protects the cutting edge. Our highest performance industrial razor blades are made of solid ceramic or tungsten carbide.

Ceramic Coated Industrial Razor Blades

Ceramic coated industrial blades are a type of razor blade that has a ceramic coating on the cutting edge. The ceramic coating is designed to improve the performance and durability of the blade.

Ceramic is a hard, wear-resistant material that can provide a number of benefits in industrial cutting applications. Some advantages of ceramic coated industrial blades include:

  1. Increased durability: Ceramic coatings are extremely hard and wear-resistant, which can help extend the life of the blade. This can result in fewer blade changes, reducing downtime and production costs. This means that the blade can cut through materials more effectively, without becoming dull or damaged as quickly.
  2. Reduced friction: Ceramic coatings can reduce the amount of friction between the blade and the material being cut. This can help prevent the material from sticking to the blade or causing heat buildup, which can result in better quality cuts and less wear and tear on the blade.
  3. Better corrosion resistance: Ceramic coatings are also highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation, which can help protect the blade from rust and other forms of corrosion.

Ceramic coated industrial blades are mainly used in plastic film manufacturing where high precision cutting and durability are critical. 

Sollex ceramic coated industrial blades have a "-K" at the end of the product code, for example 5K or 1-020-K. The slitting blades are available in a range of thicknesses and designs (there are blades with rounded and square corners, with slotted or triple holes, etc.) to suit specific cutting applications and can provide a cost effective solution for industries that require high quality, long lasting cutting tools.

Proper Way to Dispose of Industrial Razor Blades

Industrial blades are most often discarded after they have served their purpose because they are thin and do not require resharpening and polishing to regain their sharpness.

Therefore, it is important to know how to properly and safely dispose of used and end-of-life industrial blades in your facility. 

The easiest and safest way to dispose of industrial blades is to purchase and place a Blade Disposal Container / Safety Box near your industrial machinery. Several manufacturers make these containers. One of them is Martor's 9810 container. They also sell a wall bracket 9845. By purchasing such a container and placing it in places where material is produced and processed using industrial blades, you ensure the safety of your employees and also ensure the proper recycling of the blades.

When such containers for used industrial blades are filled, the lid of the container rotates and closes completely without being able to be opened. These containers are then delivered to sorting stations for the recycling of specific materials such as metal and iron.

A similar container can be made from improvised materials, but the most important thing is to secure such a container for used cutting tools to the surface so that it cannot be dumped or tipped with its contents, which is not safe.

Blade disposal containers have a lid with a slot into which blades can be dropped. The lid is tightly sealed. The containers are usually brightly colored and also carry a label such as "Used Blades" or "Blade Disposal" that describes the purpose or what is contained in the container.

When the container is completely full of used blades and other sharp objects, close the lid tightly and check for the "Danger of Sharp Objects" label, then return the container for recycling.

Buy Sollex Industrial Blades Online

Sollex AB is a Swedish company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of industrial razor blades and cutting tools. Sollex is known for its high-quality razor blades, which are used in a wide range of cutting applications across many different industries. 

We offer a variety of razor blade types, including slitter blades, straight three hole blades, round 3 hole slitter blades, reinforced single edge blades, injector blades, industrial double edge razor blades, coated converting blades, as well as specialized blades for specific cutting applications.

We aim to provide quality customer service, and work closely with customers to develop customized cutting solutions for their specific needs. Sollex exports its products to customers in more than 50 countries around the world, and has a strong reputation for innovation and excellence in the industrial cutting industry.

Ordering Sollex industrial blades is very quick and easy. You can do it online on our website or contact us by mail or phone. Almost all industrial blades are usually in stock. Delivery within Sweden is 1-2 working days, to other countries about 3-5 working days

Which Industrial Razor Blade fits my goals?

Sollex is your industrial razor blade company. Our industrial-type razor blades are made of high chromed carbon steel with oxide layers to protect the work blade from rust. If you do not find the razor blade you are looking for, Sollex are able to manufacture industrial razor blades according to your drawing. 

Feel free to contact us at +4635-15 75-00 if you have any questions regarding our industrial razor blades.

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