Industrial razor blades

Sollex offers industrial razor blades of premium quality for professionals, as well as for plastic manufacturing industries.

Our products are high performance coated blades with extreme endurance optimized for cutting plastic film and foil. Depending on what you want, Sollex offers both cost-efficient blades and blades with an extremely high performance. You are welcome to order samples to test our blades.

Best industrial razor blades

Sollex has a variety of different industrial razor blades such as slitter blades, straight three hole blades, round 3 hole slitter blades, reinforced single edge blades, injector blades, industrial double edge razor blades, razor blades with a gilette grip.

Materials for industrial razor blades

Sollex industrial razor blades can be used in different industries. The industrial razor blades are produced of materials such as high quality stainless steel, high chromed carbon steel, solid ceramic or tungsten carbide. For the absolute best performance, we coat the edges, which gives even higher performance and durability. The material we coat the razor blades with is usually a ceramic coating which protects the edge.

Which industrial razor blade fits my goals?

Our industrial-type razor blades are made of high chromed carbon steel with oxide layers to protect the work blade from rust. If you do not find the razor blade you are looking for, Sollex will manufacture machine knives according to your drawing.

Feel free to contact us at +4635-15 75-00 if you have any questions regarding our industrial razor blades.

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