Machine knives

Sollex machine knives of top quality

Here you will find industrial knives and special knives with different shapes, grindings and hole patterns. We have a wide range to suit most industrial companies. Our range is continuously updated with special knives and knife blades that we develop for our customers. We manufacture industrial knives according to the customer's drawing. The following industrial knives are included in this category: circular knives for many applications; knives for plastic recycling, granulation and pelletizing of plastics -pellet blades; knives with sharp points - pointed blades; knives for various digital cutting systems - plotter knives; custom-made machine knives in various shapes and for various applications. Knives for plastic film manufacturers are included in the category of industrial razor blades.

Worldwide shipping. Orders for the stocked product made before 13.00 are usually shipped the same day. Read more on our Order & Delivery page.

Give your cutting process a boost and use knife blades from Sollex! So if you can't find the machine knife you are looking for, email us at and we will be happy to quote your machine knife, roller knife or circular knife. If you have any questions you are very welcome to contact Sollex at +46 35-157500.

Industrial knives, cutting tools and machine blades made of high-quality steel

Welcome to the Swedish industrial knife specialist Sollex! We create cutting performance with our special knives and trapezoidal blades for industrial companies with the highest demands. Sollex develops, manufactures and sells industrial knives, cutting tools and industrial razor blades for all types of machines. We are a leading supplier of machine knives to the Swedish industry such as the plastics industry, the food industry and the paper industry. We also supply machine knives to other industries that need cutting.

Wide variety of knives for industrial applications

Our industrial knives are divided into different categories to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. You can also check out our top recommended list to see our best sellers. Looking for knife blades for a specific need? Filter by knife blades, machine knives or industrial razor blades and you'll find a wide range of sharp and durable industrial knives for different cutting processes. With good knife blades in your machine, you will work more efficiently and get a better end result. Sollex helps you find the right tool for your work, we have knife blades for many different cutting processes. Our range of special knives and machine knives includes a variety of shapes, grinds, steels and hardenings. Explore our wide range of specialist knife blades and special knives online or get in touch with Sollex. 

We will produce the right special knife based on your drawing, part number or sample. If you would like us to visit your business please let us know and we will be happy to visit you.

The right machine knife

The right machine knife for the right application makes a difference - find your perfect match with us at Sollex. Choose from our wide range of machine knives with different features in different materials and sizes. We have everything from smaller point blades, to large machine knives made according to your drawing. Sollex supplies the following machine knives: circular knives (roller knives or rotary knives), point blades, pellet blades, knives for digital cutting machines.

What are Sollex industrial knives used for?

We offer machine knives of the highest quality. Sollex is a supplier of special knives to companies all over the world. Perhaps you are looking for special industrial knives suitable for cutting corrugated plastics, foamboard/foam, PVC banners, cardboard, polyester, carpets, acrylic, polycarbonate, aluminium, aluminium composite and wood. 

We have plastic granulator blades , fiber knives for cutting glass to fiberglass, dough knives for cutting puff pastry, potato blades for cutting chips and industrial blades for those customers with the highest quality demands. If you need help or possibly a custom design, the quickest way to contact us is by phone at 035-15 75 00 #1.

Trapezoidal blades and custom ground knife blades of the highest quality

With Scandinavian quality standards as a starting point, we have developed a unique range of trapezoidal blades and custom ground knife blades to suit many types of cutting applications and processes. In addition to our wide range of knife blades and extra blades for safety knives, we have trapezoidal knife blades with unique designs, side grinds, special grinds and hole patterns. There are many knife blades with different shapes and sharpening but we also manufacture trapezoidal knife blades to customer specifications. Customers who buy our custom trapezoidal blades include world leaders in the automotive and food industries.

Serrated machine knives and tape knives

Tape is best cut with a tape knife, also known as a serrated machine knife. We stock some serrated blades but manufacture most serrated knife blades to drawing and requirements. Serrated knives have different tooth lengths and different widths between the teeth. Those made by hand take a relatively long time to make as the sharpening has to go in between each beveling. A successful tape knife is a combination of the correct point angle and spacing between the teeth. Serrated blades or perf knives can also be used to cut thin non-woven material.

Choosing the right industrial knives

Using the right industrial knives brings well-being, peace of mind and a better end product. Choosing the right cutting tool can sometimes feel like a challenge, which is why we've chosen to group our knife blades into different categories and offer a filtering function to help you find the specific knife you're looking for. By combining different sizes, designs and materials, you can get the cutting performance just the way you want it. If you need inspiration, we recommend visiting our home page for an overview where you will find many different combinations of industrial machine knives.

Industrial knives or industrial machine knives?

Throughout history, knives have had many names. Often industrial knives are associated with something that maintenance or production has to take care of. We see that our industrial knife blades create competitiveness because our customers get a better end product. You can make sure your business also gets cleaner cuts and longer life with the right cutting tools. Quality you can feel and see!

High quality is important to us 

When the knives for machines are delivered to your company, we want you to feel the same sense of quality that we do when we develop and manufacture it. All of our industrial knives are manufactured to a high quality with ice hardening and precision grinding. By choosing Sollex you get high quality cutting performance with good durability. We also offer fast delivery because we know how important it is to have the right industrial knives in production. Sollex offers machine knives and machine knife blades of different qualities and variants. Among other things, you will find durable circular knives, pellet blades and high-quality knives for cutting machines such as Zünd and Summas machines. Our machine blades are not only high-performance, they are also long-lasting! We manufacture Sollex high performance machine knives in the best possible steel and have precision grinding resulting in durability and performance. 

Machine knife materials

Top quality Sollex machine knives can be used in a variety of industries.  Machine knives, circular knives, roller knives and rotary knives are usually made from the best possible tool steel, which retains their sharpness for a long time. The knives are affordable because they are very durable. More than 90 years of manufacturing machine knives has led to them being named the best on the market. These include knives that are polished and knives with coatings on the edges. For the absolute best performance, we coat the machine knives for even greater performance and durability. The material we coat the machine knives with is usually a ceramic coating which protects the edge. If you do not find the knife you are looking for, Sollex manufactures machine knives according to your drawing.

Which machine knife is right for my business?

Sollex has a very wide range of machine knives. All the machine knives we offer are used by previous customers. If you do not find what you are looking for, it is good to know that Sollex develops most of our machine knives together with customers. So if you have a drawing or a picture of how you want your knife to look, we will be happy to offer it. If you have any questions about machine knives, please contact Sollex on +4635-15 75 00. Buy your industrial knives and industrial knife blades online at Sollex. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service and we will help you.

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