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Sollex Pointed Tip Blades for Rubber, Plastic, Cardboard CuttingDo you need high quality pointed tip machine blades? Sollex manufactures and supplies point blades according to your needs, which means that you as a customer can get exactly the triangular blades you need. All our pointed triangular blades are made from high quality steel, so you can be confident that these machine knives will perform well over time. 

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We have been manufacturing machine knives and blades for many years and have been named one of the best manufacturers on the market. The Swedish industry has a good reputation and we are very proud to be part of spreading Sollex quality products to our customers.  Don't hesitate, get in touch with us on +4635 - 15 75 00.

Pointed Tip Blades 

What are Pointed-Tip Industrial Knives?

martor 761.08 pointed blade drawing - sollex blogDue to their sharp point design, machine knives with a pointed tip are perfect for piercing and cutting harder materials like paper, rubber, cardboard, and plastics. Industrial blades are used to improve the shape, perforation, and cut intricate shapes, as well as enhance the properties and design of final products. They are designed to have a sharpened cutting tip that requires less penetration force when entering a material vertically. 

Industrial pointed knives are made of carbon steel, solid tungsten carbide or tooling steel. The material choice makes them durable for repeated industrial use and resistant to wear and tear while maintaining sharpness. Blade edges can be coated to improve and prolong the cutting performance.

Industrial pointed-tip knives are very sharp allowing them to work vertically well on paper, non woven, polymers, composites and rubber and other materials.

Multi-Purpose Pointed Tip Blades

Sollex pointed blades have many different uses. In general, pointed blades are used for two things: cutting and making holes in various materials such as tubing, cardboard and styrofoam.

The high quality steel in the pointed blades makes them especially suitable for challenging work. If you need to cut materials such as hose or cardboard, we have  different models to choose from. Some blades are coated with a ceramic coating, which considerably extends the durability and performance of the blade. The coating on the blade’s edge acts as a protection, prolongs durability, and changes the surface smoothness. We also manufacture pointed tip blades in solid tungsten carbide for extreme durability. 

Application of Pointed Tip Machine Knives

Pointed tip knives, characterized by their sharp, tapered ends, are essential tools in various industrial applications. The versatility of pointed tip industrial knives makes them valuable tools in various sectors. 

Application of the pointed blade in different industries



Plastics and Polymers

These knives are used for cutting and shaping various types of plastics, including PVC, PET, and other thermoplastics, often used in packaging and manufacturing industries.


In the rubber industry, pointed tip knives are essential for cutting sheets, strips, and custom shapes with precision.

Textiles and Fabrics

These knives can be used for cutting textiles with precision, especially in applications where the edges need to be clean and fray-free.

Paper and Cardboard

Pointed tip knives are ideal for cutting paper and cardboard, especially in packaging and printing industries, where precise cuts and shapes are required.

Foam and Sponge Materials

For industrial applications involving foam and sponge materials, these knives provide the precision needed for custom shapes and sizes.

Composite Materials

Used in aerospace, automotive, and other industries, pointed tip knives are suitable for cutting composite materials like fiberglass and carbon fiber composites.

Pointed Tip Knives for Plastic Film Industry

In the plastic film industry, pointed blades are often used to perforate or cut various types of plastic films without tearing. This type of cut precision is critical to maintaining film integrity, especially when the film is used for packaging or as a component of large products.

One Sollex customer is a major UK player within Blown Film Extrusion, Flexographic Printing, Complex Laminates, and Bag Production. They create technically advanced PE films and use Sollex pointed blades for making perforations in their final products. They use a special version of the 760.50 pointed blade.

Pointed Blades for Rubber Industry

The rubber industry benefits greatly from the sharpness and precision of pointed tip blades. When cutting and piercing tubes, shaping parts or creating complex structures, these blades provide the precision required to produce high-quality rubber products. Sharp-tipped blades are especially used for making perforations, holes or shaping rubber products.

Read an article about how Sollex's pointy-tip knives are used to cut and puncture plastic tubing in the manufacture of control and condition monitoring systems for rock reinforcement - Method for Rock Reinforcement with Rock Bolts - Customer Case.

Blades to Cut Rubber Hose

Hose is advantageously cut with a pointed knife. Suggestions are Sollex Pointed Blade 761V or Double edge pointed blade 824. We also manufacture pointed blades in larger sizes according to customers’ drawing.

Pointed Tip Blades for the Paper Industry

Lace blade Martor 761 50pcs 33.7x26x0.90mm - for cutting hose, corrugated cardboardCardboard is best cut with a pointed knife to make different hole patterns in the cardboard. Think about how big a cut you want in the cardboard and try a knife blade with a similar edge. When the right shape of the pointed blade is found for cutting cardboard, we can coat the pointed blade for increased durability.

One major global paper packaging manufacturer that makes protective paper-based packaging uses Sollex 761V pointed blade for making perforation in the paper packaging.

Pointed Blades for the Textile Industry

One Sollex customer is a prominent force in the textile machinery market making machines for weaving, textile finishing, and technical textiles. Their machines produce knits, woven fabrics, and technical textiles. This customer uses the blade 752V.

Pointed Machine Knives for Packaging Industry

The sharp pointed blades provide the clean, precise cuts needed to create packaging and cardboard products. Packaging often requires intricate shapes and designs, especially for customized packaging solutions. 

The industrial knives with pointed tips are customized to a variety of materials, allowing them to be used for a wide range of packaging types, from plastic and foil wraps to cartons and bubble wrap. The sharp, pointed tip is ideal for starting to cut tough or durable materials commonly used in packaging, such as thick cardboard, heavy-duty plastics or laminates. 

The pointed machine knives can be custom designed to meet specific packaging requirements, whether it be a unique shape, size or material composition, providing flexibility in packaging design and production.

Pointed Knives for Cutting Polystyrene and Styrofoam

Styrofoam is a complex material and it is advantageous to use a pointed knife blade to make a hole pattern or cut. Sollex Pointed blade 761V or Pointed blade double edged 824 are two examples of knife blades used for cutting cellular plastic and styrofoam. We also manufacture pointed knives in larger sizes according to drawings for cutting styrofoam and cellular plastic.

Lutz, Olfa and Martor Pointed Blades

Most of the pointed blades we sell are made by us. However, we also supply knives from Olfa, Mozart, Lutz and Martor. This is to cover all standard dimensions. It also gives you as a customer the opportunity to buy ready-made blades at a good price. Likewise, it can be useful to test finished blades from Olfa, Lutz, Mozart, and Martor if you want to test a pointed blade design in your cutting process.

Buy Pointed Tip Blades for Industrial Applications

Do you need high quality pointed tip blades? Sollex manufactures and supplies pointed tip blades. All our pointed tip blades are made from high quality steel or tungsten carbide, so you can be confident that your pointed knives will perform well over time. We have been manufacturing pointed blades for many years and have been named one of the best manufacturers on the market. The Swedish industry has a good reputation and we are very proud to be part of spreading Sollex quality products to our customers.  

Do you feel unsure about which tip blade is best suited for your purposes? Give us a call and we'll help you with your choice. You can reach us on +4635 15 75 00 or order@sollex.se.

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