Safety knives

Sollex has a wide range of safety knives for warehouse and industry. Sollex is a registered reseller for the leading supplier of safety knives in the world, and keeps most knives in stock for fast deliveries. The safety knives are available in different varieties with different safety levels in order to suit various application areas and work places. Some of the safety knives have blades that can not be replaced, in order to prevent cutting injuries connected to the blade change. For the remaining safety knives, Sollex supplies replacement blades in a number of variations, where some have a coating on the blade for the longest possible durability.

In our web-shop you'll find safety knives from Slice, MartorSollex, Mure & Peyrot, and Klever. For more information about the different safety knives, we refer to the sub-categories.

Which knife suits you best for warehouse work?

As a general recommendation:

  • Cutting tape or opening cardboard boxes: A pelican-shaped safety knife where the user cannot access the knife blade. The safety knives Martor 150001, Martor 350001, Klever Kutter KCJ-1Y or Klever exchange KCJ-XC-20Y open taped cartons faster, safer and better than other knives. In addition to protecting the user, the contents of the carton are protected.
  • Cutting cardboard: To cut cardboard, Martor 62500154000410 or 380001 is recommended. Cut the cardboard at the edge at a 45 degree angle on the handle to the cardboard. Load as long a part of the knife blade as possible. Then the box is cut instead of being pressed.
  • Pelican knife for robust materials in a storage environment: Our most robust pelican knife is Mure & Peyrot Grepin 1426. Robust and sturdy in magnesium. In addition to the pelican knife, 1426 has a standard knife in the rear that is good for cutting cardboard or cutting plastic straps.

Cut plastic straps

Thin straps in plastic are easily cut with a pelican knife. Martor 150001 or Klever cutter KCJ-1Y works great for cutting thin straps. Coarser plastic straps need to be cut with scissors or cut with longer knife edges. Then Martor 380001 or Mure & Peyrot Grepin 1426 may be suitable. For metal straps, use sheet metal scissors.

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