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Johan Falk

Sollex delivers carbide tools with extreme tolerances for a customer within Med tech

Extreme tolerances

Sollex delivers carbide tools with extreme tolerances for a customer within Med tech.

Sollex has supplied carbide tools according to customer drawings with extreme tolerances to a very challenging international  customer. The dimensions of the tool have been measured in exact hundredths with tolerances down to five thousandths (+ 0 / -0.005 to be exact). Similarly, the surface roughness Ra 0.01 has touched the extreme. In the project, Sollex has delivered unique measurement protocols where we measured the tool's tolerances and surface smoothness.

On Friday 2020-04-03, Sollex delivered another 10 new pcs of carbide tools with extreme tolerances. The delivery shows Sollex's high repeatability when we manufacture complex cemented carbide tools with extreme dimensions and tolerances. The exact repeatability is due to the fact that we save all the tempos in which we make the cemented carbide tools. The tempo becomes like an exact recipe to follow when our customer orders the same cemented carbide tools again.

Sollex can also offer the next to impossible, namely to manufacture radial transitions in the cemented carbide tools. The radial transitions Sollex can deliver are between the two thicknesses 0.4mm and 0.1mm in the cemented carbide tool. The radial transitions provide reduced capillary force in the production material where the cemented carbide tool is used compared to a linear transition.

In the carbide tool project, Sollex has really succeeded in developing customer-unique carbide tools with extreme dimensions, tolerances and surface smoothness on the tool design. We are proud and happy about our fine knives and can now state that we can also make tools in cemented carbide.

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