Sollex produces a number of safety knives. In this range you'll find the robust safety knife Prosafe, as well as different versions of foil cutters with concealed blades for highest possible safety when, for example, opening mailed packages. 

Sollex safety knives

Sollex safety knives makes your everyday easier and safer than ever. On this page you find effective and efficient security knives for daily industrial operation. Sollex is a Swedish supplier of knives and blades founded in 1927. We have been developing and selling safety knives for many years. Our security knives are famous for high quality and suitable to cut most materials.

We divid safety knives in two levels. Make your choice based on purpose and need.

Maximum safety knife

This is the alternative if you are looking for maxiumum safety. The most safest security knife is designed to avoid cutting damages. Simplicity and no blade change possible makes it safe and cost effective. All security knives above except Sollex prosafe is a maximum security knife.

Sollex prosafe

Sollex prosafe is our most popular and best selling security knife. High security and designed with simplicity. The blade is retracted into the holder when user let go of the grip. Changing blade is easy with a screw driver or coin. Sollex prosafe is a good choice if you are looking for a good and robust retractable security knife. The holder is made is robust aluminium with a black paint coating. The prosafe knife can be used on a lot of materials like carton, plastic, rubber, leather, PVC, and textiles.

Your supplier of security knives

In addition to our safety knives we supply safety knives from Martor, Mure & Peyrot and Slice. We take pride in offering our customers a complete range of high quality security knives and blades. Sollex is a strong partner and supplier of safety knives.

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