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On this page you will find Sollex's wide range of high quality coated and uncoated injector blades optimized for cutting a variety of materials. We coat razor blades to protect the blade from abrasion, reduce friction and increase performance and durability. If you are cutting thin stretched film, our Z coating is perfect. For white plastic film (with chalk additive), K-coated injector blades are a smart choice. For really tough films (such as those with titanium additives), Sollex C solid ceramic is recommended.

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Injector blades for slitting and cutting of film and foil

Here are Sollex high-quality industrial machine knives. Sollex manufactures Injector razor blades for a variety of applications such as cutting plastic film or foil. We have high quality blades for your application. The Injector razor blades from Sollex are grinded to perfection to give you competitive cutting edge performance. If you want your cutting process to be stable for a long period of time without interruption or reduced performance, then Sollex Injector blades are recommended.

What are Injector Blades?

Injector blades are very small razor blades ideal for heavy industrial use. Injector blades were originally developed as razor blades for shaving. The blade has a single cutting edge. Today, injector blades are mostly used for industrial purposes. The size of the blade is quite small 38x8x0.25mm or 1.496"x0.315"x0.01". This means that the Injector razor blade can fit into really small areas of your machines.

Injector Razor Blade Packaging

Sollex Injector razor blades are packaged on spears. The bulk 642PR Injector Blade contains 1000 pieces per package. They are delivered in a packaging that separates the edges from each other. Our high performance injector blades are packaged in smaller boxes, oiled, wrapped in protective paper and vacuum sealed. The edges of the injector blades must not touch the packaging.

Stainless Steel Injector Blades

We offer injector blades in a variety of product qualities. Our entry-level quality stainless steel injector blades are suitable for cutting various substrates such as PVC, PET, LLPDE, HDPE, PP, shrink film, stretch film, overwrap, etc. Sollex bulk injector blades are uncoated stainless steel injector blades that give you really good performance and are designed and adapted for industrial use. Sollex Stainless Steel Injector Blades are made in USA from high quality stainless steel that has been hardened and ground to perfection.

Coated Industrial Injector blades

Sollex offers coated industrial injector blades that change the cutting characteristics of the blade. Ideal for heavy industrial use, these coated injector blades are designed to last. To protect the blade from abrasion, reduce friction and increase performance and durability, we coat injector blades. If you are cutting thin stretched film (e.g. LLDPE) with an automatic or semi-automatic wrapper, our Z coating is perfect. For white plastic film (e.g. poly film with chalk additive), K-coated injector blades are a smart choice.

Our coated Injector blades in dispensers must be experienced and tested. We coat Sollex injector blades with titanium, ceramic, zero friction and tungsten carbide. Our ceramic coated injector blades are FDA and EC approved, which means they can come into contact with food.

Injector Blades with Extreme Performance and Durability

All of our injector blades are designed for extreme performance and durability. An ordinary industrial blade installed in a plastic film cutting machine will typically last 20 minutes. But Sollex solid ceramic (C) injector blades can last months. So the difference is huge. The solid ceramic (C) is self-sharpening. This means that the more it wears, the sharper the Injector Blade becomes. The Sollex 642C Injector Blade gives you extreme performance and durability for tough films and foils.

How can Sollex injector blades help you:

  • Injector blades with performance and durability
  • Optimized for different types of film and foil
  • Small blade that can be fitted even in tiny areas of your machine

Where can I buy injector blades?

Who sells injector razor blades? The simple answer is that you can buy them from Sollex AB in Sweden. Where can I find injector blades? You can order injector razor blades online at sollex website or by ringing or mailing us.

Injector blade for your needs

Is performance and durability important for your processes and business? Then the Injector razor blades from Sollex are the right choice for you. Try our injector blades to make sure you find the best blade for your particular cutting process. Browse through our wide range and if you are unsure of which blade to choose drop us a mail or - call us on 00 46 35 - 15 75 00, and we will help you.

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