Circular knives

Sollex circular knives are made of high quality tooling steel.

The knives are price-worthy because they are very serviceable. Several years of production has led to the knives being appointed to the best on the market. There are, among other things, knives that are polished and knives with coatings on the edge. The surface treatment ensures best possible results as glue and dirt don't get caught as easily. The knives can be used in several different industries. They are appropriate for cutting plastic film, carpet, rubber and paper.

Circular knives 

Looking for high quality circular knives? Sollex manufactures custom circular knives to order, which means that you as a customer can get exactly the circular knife you require. All we need from you to produce your knife is a drawing or part number. All of our circular knives are made from durable tool steel or so-called quality steel, so you can be confident that your product will perform well over time. 

We have been manufacturing circular knives for many years and have been named one of the best manufacturers on the market. The Swedish industry has a good reputation and we are very proud to be part of spreading more Swedish quality products to our customers. We have experience in developing circular knives for food processing, paper, packaging, plastics, printing, rubber, floor and wall, automotive etc.

Dished knives with many uses

Dished knives (or the knives can be named also rotary shear blades, top slitter knife, top dish slitter knife) can be used for a wide range of machine types. The high quality steel in the knives makes them especially suitable for challenging work. If you have to cut materials with a lot of glue and dirt, you don't have to worry about it sticking to the blade. The surface coating of the knives acts as a protection. Our knives can cut through plastic film, carpets, rubber, paper and much more. 

Use of circular dished knives:

  • universal application
  • paper
  • cardboard
  • paperboard
  • labels
  • adhesive tape
  • cable
  • litho tape
  • aluminum foil
  • non-ferrous metals
  • film, foil, non-woven
  • textile
  • rubber

Cutting bevel - angle of bevel & material to cut

  • 0-10° - metals, laminates, plastics
  • 30° - paper, foils, laminates, fleece, cardboard, nonwoven, tissue
  • 45/ 60° - special application, film industry, multilayer paper

Rotary knives with performance and durability

Another advantage of rotary knives from Sollex is that performance and durability are significantly extended. Many other knives on the market work satisfactorily for a short time, when the blade is new, but quickly become worn out. As a result, they become harder and harder to work with. With circular knives from Sollex, you can work with the same precision for a much longer time. 

Sollex is associated with high performance - something we are very proud of and cherish. Our company was founded back in 1927. After developing our products over many years, we have come up with products that are characterised by high quality, high performance and unbeatable durability. 

Do you feel unsure which circular knife is best suited for your purposes? Give us a call and we'll help you with your choice. You can reach us on +4635-15 75 00 or

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