Circular knives

Sollex manufactures custom circular knives to order, which means that you as a customer can get exactly the circular knife you require. All we need from you to produce your knife is a drawing or part number. All of our circular knives are made from durable tool steel or so-called quality steel, so you can be confident that your product will perform well over time. 

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Looking for high quality circular knives?

We have been manufacturing circular knives for many years and have been named one of the best manufacturers on the market. The Swedish industry has a good reputation and we are very proud to be part of spreading more Swedish quality products to our customers. We have experience in developing circular knives for food processing, paper, packaging, plastics, printing, rubber, floor and wall, automotive etc.

Sollex Circular Knives for Different Applications

Type of circular knife

Sollex Circular Knives

Material to cut

Dished Circular Knives

RDD130X80, RDD130X100, RDD140X70, RDS65X40, P881A

circular dished knives for cutting paper, cardboard, paperboard, labels, adhesive tape, cable, litho tape, aluminum foil, non-ferrous metals, film, foil, non-woven, textile, rubber

Perforating Circular Knives

P829-2, P829-3

for perforation of paper, cellophane, foils, cardboard, packaging

Crush Cutter Knives

P831, P834

for crush cutting of rubber, adhesive tapes, non-woven, tissue, emery, textiles, pressure sensitive materials, coated paper

Circular knives

R30, R71-SHARP, R71-BLUNT, R105, R150, R28X6X4-70, R30-010, R30-010-X, R45X8, P829-1, R70X40X1, P847, P855-1, R30-010,

for slitting of various material such as plastic film, non woven, paper etc

Rotary Cutter Knives

OLFA RB60-1, R18-2, R28-5, R45

for cutting paper, fabrics, textile, leather, felt, thin plastic sheet, plastic film soft materials

Bottom circular knives


for shear cutting of plastic film, plastic foil, adhesive tapes, non-woven, paper and carton

Serrated Circular Knives

R170, R200

fits all kinds of use including food processing such bakery, poultry, meat processing and packaging as well as many other industrial uses

Custom-made Circular Knives

Sollex adapts the design of the knife to the application and the cutting material 

Diameter of Circular Knives

Diameter of circular knives

Sollex Knife Product Item

Circular knives up to 60 mm in diameter

R30, R28X6X4-70, R30-010, R30-010-X, R45X8, RB60-1, R18-2, R28-5, R45

Circular knives over 60 mm in diameter

R71-SHARP, R71-BLUNT, R105, R150, P829-1,R70x40x1, P847, P855-1, P829-3, P829-2, P834, P831, RDD130X80, RDD130X100, RDD140X70, RDS65X40, P881A, R170, R200

What are Industrial Circular Knives? 

Circular knife geometry: bevel length, outer diameter, inside diameter, keyway, hole diameter - Sollex blogThe circular knife is a popular and versatile tool for industrial application. It is mainly needed for sharpening and cutting various materials, regardless of their flexibility and hardness. Typical circular blades have a circular shape and a hole in the center, necessary for a firm grip during cutting. The thickness of the working blade is selected depending on the materials to be cut. The main characteristics of a circular knife are the outer diameter (the size of the knife from one edge to the opposite edge through the center), the inner diameter (the diameter of the central hole intended for attachment to the holder), the thickness of the knife, bevel and the angle of bevel.

What is a Circle Knife used for?

Areas of application of circular knives:

  • Metal cutting
  • Process industry
  • Plastic industries
  • Paper Converting
  • Printing industry and typography
  • Food and light industry
Use of circular dished knives

universal application





adhesive tape


litho tape




food processing

aluminum foil

non-ferrous metals

plastic film





soft materials

What are Dished knives / Top slitting knives?

Top slitting knives are also called Dished knives as they have a shape of a dished plate. Top slitter knives are used for cutting film, paper and in the processing industry. Top and bottom knives work in pairs as the top knife regrinds when in contact with the bottom knife. Top knives are used for cutting material webs and give a really long lasting durability. Dished knives are relatively easy to regrind. The top slitter blade can be dish shaped or flat shaped with single, double bevel (edge) or square edged. For the score cutting, there is only one blade that works as the roll or sleeve stand as the bottom blade. Besides some of our customers also called top slitter blades as male or front blades.

What is a Dished Knife used for?

Top and bottom knives work in pairs as the top knife regrinds when in contact with the bottom  knife - Sollex blogDished knives (or the knives can be named also rotary shear blades, top slitting knife, top dish slitter knife) can be used for a wide range of machine types. The high quality steel in the knives makes them especially suitable for challenging work. If you have to cut materials with a lot of glue and dirt, you don't have to worry about it sticking to the blade. The surface coating of the knives acts as a protection. Our knives can cut through plastic film, carpets, rubber, paper and much more. 

Cutting bevel - angle of bevel & material to cut

The top slitter blade can be dish shaped or flat shaped with single, double bevel (edge) or square edged. For the score cutting, there is only one blade that works as the roll or sleeve stand as the bottom blade. Besides some of our customers also called top slitter blades as male or front blades.

The cutting edge of these tools is very diverse and depends on the type of material being cut. It can have a single-sided blade, with a ground back or double-sided blade, etc.

  • Single bevel S = 0.6-3mm

Fields of application: hard materials for ex cardboard, thick plastic-/ aluminum foils

  • Double bevel S = 0.5mm

Fields of application: paper, light cardboard, textiles, nonwoven, tissue

  • Double hollow bevel S = 0.3 - 0.5mm

Fields of application: thin paper, thin plastic-/ aluminum foils, labels, multilayer paper

Angle of Cutting bevel

Angle of bevel

Material to cut


metals, laminates, plastics


paper, foils, laminates, fleece, cardboard, nonwoven, tissue

45/ 60°

special application, film industry, multilayer paper

What are Bottom Circular knives?

Bottom knives are used in pairs with Top slitting knives / Dished knives. The bottom knife is located on the lower shaft compared to the top knife. The main principle for a bottom knife is to position the material web and stretch it for the top knife to cut it. In addition, the bottom knife should “regrind” the top knife when it comes in contact with the top knife. Therefore it is absolute imperative that the bottom knife is angled correctly. Without a correct angled bottom knife the knife pair will not perform satisfactory.

Choosing the right circular knife for your application

Possible characteristics that influence the choice of a circular industrial knife:

  • shape and diameter of the hole in the knife for fixation in knife holders
  • the cutting material and its characteristics
  • cutting speed
  • the outside and inside diameters of the circular knife

For example, the Sollex professional circular industrial knife R105 in HSS-M2 steel was developed for a plastic film company in Dubai. This knife has a double-sided sharpening to fit a shaft diameter of 34 mm. The dimensions of the circular knife are 105x34x1,5 mm, where its outer diameter (D1) is 105 mm, inner diameter (D2) is 34 mm and thickness is 1,5 mm).

Advantage of circular knives from Sollex is that performance and durability are significantly extended. Many other knives on the market work satisfactorily for a short time, when the blade is new, but quickly become worn out. As a result, they become harder and harder to work with. With circular knives from Sollex, you can work with the same precision for a much longer time. 

Do you feel unsure which circular knife is best suited for your purposes? Give us a call and we'll help you with your choice. You can reach us on +4635-15 75 00 or

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