Rounded three-hole-blades

Sollex wide variety of rounded three-hole-blades optimized for cutting in different materials. In order to reduce the risk of shears in the blade, we recommend using Sollex straight 3 hole blades, rather than rounded ones. The industrial razor blades are available in different versions in order to be better suited for different materials. Read more about our product qualities and coatings here in order to find the right knife for you!

Rounded 3-hole blades

On this page you find premium quality rounded 3-hole blades. We make them for a large number of applications, for example plastic film or thick plastic. Depending on which material you want to cut, and what durability you demand, we have quality blades with performance ande durability. From a technical point of view we recommend to use Sollex straight 3-hole blades. But if you prefer the rounded shape or your machine requires the rounded shape our rounded 3-hole blades gives you cutting edge performance. Sollex rounded 3-hole blades gives you an optimal cutting process for a long period of time without interruption or reduced performance.

Packaging of round 3-hole blades

All Sollex razor blades are delivered in a partner pack. A package that is very suitable for industrial production. The razor blades lie on top of each other on two spears in a plastic package. The edges of the three-hole blades do not come into contact with the packaging. In addition our high performance rounded 3-hole blades are vacuum packed. For the user, it is safe, easy to use, and you can see how many blades that are left.

Good three-hole blade

Our rounded 3-hole blades can be ordered in different product qualities. Our high quality rounded 3-hole blades are suitable for cutting in simple materials. Already here you get really good performance for industrial use. The Sollex rounded 3-hole blades are made in Germany from highly cromantic steel that has been hardened and perfectly grinded. 

High performance coated rounded 3-hole blades

Sollex high performance coated rounded 3-hole blades have a coating on the edges. This completely changes the cutting properties of the razor blade. Our coatings protects the blade from abrasion, reduces friction, and increase performance and lifetime. If you are going to cut thin stretched film, our Z-coating is perfect. For white plastic film (with additive chalk), three-hole blades with K-coatings are a wise choice. For really tough films (such as with additive titanium), Sollex X coating is recommended. 3-Hole blades with Sollex X coating has the entire razor blade coated (edges and sides).

Sollex blades must be experienced and tested. Our coated round 3-hole three-hole blades are FDA and EC approved, which means that they can come into contact with food.

Sollex round 3-hole blades gives you:

  • Cutting edge performance
  • Fantastic cutting results
  • Greater machine effeciency (longer duty cycles)

Why should you chose Sollex rounded 3-hole blades:

  • Outstanding sharpness
  • Blade quality consistently
  • Coatings for your application

Round 3-hole blade for your needs

Do you want to work professionally, with higher performance and longer durability? Then the round three-hole blades from Sollex are the right choice for you. You can usually find the best rounded 3-hole blade for your particular cutting process by testing a few different variants. Browse through our wide range and if you are unsure of which blade to chose -  call us on 00 46 35 - 15 75 00 or write, and we will help you.

For more information, here is a link to Sollex's different product qualities

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