Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions regarding knives and/or blades

Which knife or knife blade are suitable for cutting gypsum/plaster?

We recommend Sollex Construction Knife 2000for cutting gypsum/plaster. The large sturdy knife with a fixed knife blade gives you a robust and sturdy cut.

For gypsum boards, we recommend Long utility blades such as Sollex Utility Blade pro 975P. This knife blade is optimized for cutting drywall.

To cut fire-hardened gypsum/plaster, we recommend you the knife blade Sollex Utility Blade banzai 975B. This knife blade has extreme durability and optimal design for cutting many fire-hardened gypsum boards.

Which knife blade is suitable for cutting roofing felt?

We recommend Sollex Hook blade pro 10Pfor roofing felt . By using hook blades, you need less power and can more easily control the knife by pulling the handle instead of pressing and pulling. Sollex Hook blade pro titan 10PT is used for longer durability. Most often it is the bitumen on the hook blade edge that makes the hook blade dull rather than the hook blade becoming worn. Try to wash the hook blades for longer durability.

Which knife blade is recommended for cutting hose?

Hose is advantageously cut with a pointed knife. Suggestions are Sollex Pointed Blade 761V or Double edge pointed blade 824. We also manufacture pointed blades in larger sizes according to customers’ drawing.

What is a utility knife for?

In construction the main use for utility knives are cutting drywall or roofing felt. In warehousing utility knives are commonly used for cutting down cardboard.

Which knife is best for floor layer and carpet layer?

A floor layer requires a knife with a completely fixed knife blade. It needs to be small and easy to access behind pipes and elements, but also robust and sturdy with not too many loose parts. Our recommendation is Sollex Dolphin Knife 1280 or Mozart S2 1002.00 for hook blades or short straight knife blades. To cut welds, we recommend Mozart's Trimming Knife 4595.

Why are there dolphin knives in aluminum, blue and black?

A floor layer usually has two knives. One is for hook blades and one is for short straight knife blades or crescent blades. In order to be able to visually quickly and easily see the difference between which knife has which knife blade, we have them in stock in aluminum, blue and black colors.

Which blade fits the sign production?

Sollex offers pen knives and plotter knives for sign production. The pen knives are used by the sign maker when he cuts by hand. A folding blade knife or floor-laying knife can be used by the sign maker for coarser sign material. The plotter knives are put in a plotter machine which cuts out the sign.

Common questions and answers

Can you order from Sollex outside Sweden?

- Yes you can. On sollex's website, you can easily order if the delivery address is within the EU, which is easily covered by our shipping agreement with Schenker. For deliveries outside the EU, we use UPS and TNT / Fedex. So it is excellent to order from Sollex for delivery outside the EU. However, the prices for shipping differ depending on the country, which means that we can not present shipping costs on the website. So for deliveries outside the EU, contact our customer service and we will send a quote with the current shipping cost.

I have questions about a specific product, who do I turn to?

- We are very grateful for questions about our products and your interest in our company. Contact customer service at or 0046 35 15 75 00 and we will help you as best we can.

Are all your products in stock?

- Almost all products, presented on the website, are in stock for immediate delivery. We also have a large number of other products that we can manufacture based on your drawing. Some of these we have in stock and some are manufactured due to customer’s order.

Is my purchase history presented on the website?

- Online orders are saved if you log in to the website. If you have previous orders made by phone or email, these are not available on the website. Our advice is not to neglect being logged in every time you make an online order.

Can private individuals shop at Sollex?

- No, Sollex has business with companies only (B2B).

I am missing one or more items in my delivery, what do I do then?

- Contact customer service by mail or 0046 35 15 75 00 and we will do our utmost to ensure that your order is complete as soon as possible.

When will I receive my delivery?

- When we have received your order, you will receive an order confirmation from our system with the estimated delivery day. We usually send orders before 12 o'clock the same day with Schenker. Expect shipping within one or two next days.

Can I make changes to my order?

- If we have not sent your order yet, we can easily change your order. If the order is packed and delivered, we can’t unfortunately amend the order. Contact customer service at or 0046 35 15 75 00 and we will try to help you change the order.

Delivery terms and conditions - How do I buy knives at Sollex?

Sollex sells to business, therefore the Purchase Act applies. When you make an order, we send an order confirmation with delivery date and payment terms. Then we will try to deliver your order as soon as possible. We send most of our products immediately. If the item is temporarily out of stock, we will notify you and try to find a suitable replacement or solution. When we have delivered your order, we will send you an invoice by email- with 30 days payment terms. 

Most of our deliveries in Europe are made by Schenker. But we also use TNT and UPS. Our ambition is to satisfy customers but taking in account environmental reasons to avoid unnecessary transports and returns. So we prefer to do it right away from the beginning of the deal, so contact us if you are unsure which product is right for you. In some cases, we can agree to change or correct deliveries if something goes wrong. However, this only applies to standard product articles on the website in unbroken packaging. Specially made articles are not replaced. More information about Order and Delivery conditions you can read here.


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