Hook blades

Sollex sharp range of hook blades that are perfectly suited for floor layers and roof layers that need durable and sharp blades. The blade design allows for easily cutting through a material without damaging the foundation it lies on. The blades are available in different qualities and coatings for optimized cutting in different materials. You can read more about Sollex coatings and qualities here.

As leading experts in knife blades of all varieties, Sollex's experienced and sharp team has produced hook blades of really high quality! The blades are made in Germany of high-chromium-containing carbon steel that has been ice-hardened and especially ground to ensure higher durability and a cleaner cut.

When you shop from us, you do not just buy a hook blade. You buy almost 100 years of experience in durability and performance!

At this link, you can read more about Sollex's different qualities and coatings.

Utility Hook blade PRO Titan (PT)

Sollex Pro Titan is the blade for the professional roof and floor layer that places the highest demands on sharpness and durability! Thanks to the edge's titanium coating, Pro Titan is the ultimate answer for you who work with linoleum rugs and rugs.

The blades are adapted for Dolphin knife 1280 and Sollex Construction 2000 and are delivered in professional and delicious aluminum packaging.

Utility Hook blade PRO (P)

Sollex Hook blade Pro is a knife blade that is developed to suit both your needs and your budget. The knife blades are made of high-quality carbon steel, which provides good performance and good durability when you cut materials such as textiles and carpets, linoleum and roofing felt.

The blades are adapted for Sollex Dolphin Knife 1280 and Sollex Construction Knife 2000 and are delivered in a smart dispenser that fits in our knives. The dispenser with ten hook blades PRO is perfect to put in the handle for pulling out hook blades in Sollex Construction knife 2000.

Utility Hook blade Mozart

Knife blade Mozart is the standard blade for floor layers and is available in three variants with both thinner and wider blades. The thinner knives are 0.30mm wide and are well suited for cutting thinner materials such as textile mats where thicker sheets often provide too much resistance. While the wider knives are 0.63mm wide and are better suited for thicker floor mats.

If, on the other hand, you work with plastic or linoleum, we recommend that you choose Pro Titan or Hooked blade Pro instead.

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