Hook blades

Sollex sharp range of hook blades for utility knife that are perfectly suited for floor layers and roof layers that need durable and sharp blades. The blade design allows for easily cutting through a material without damaging the foundation it lies on. The hooked utility knife blades are available in different qualities and coatings for optimized cutting in different materials. You can read more about Sollex coatings and qualities here.

What is a Utility Hook Blade?

Roofing knife 2000 and utility hook blade 10pt with titanium coating for professionals - Cut roofing felt - SollexA hook blade is a blade that has hooks at both ends and is designed to cut thick materials without damaging the underlying material. Utility hooked blades are used in various applications such as construction, roofing, flooring, and other types of work that require cutting through tough materials. 

These hooked utility blades are typically used with utility knives, construction knives or dolphin knives, and they are designed to cut through materials such as carpet, linoleum, roofing shingles, and other materials that are difficult to cut with standard straight utility blades.

The unique feature of utility hook blades is their hooked shape, which allows them to easily slice through materials without getting caught or snagged. The hook shape also helps to prevent the blade from accidentally cutting into underlying materials or surfaces, making it a safer option for cutting through materials in tight spaces.

The utility hook blades are mostly standard 51x19x0.63 mm, but there are some slightly smaller ones, such as the 48x19x0.65 mm hook blade for Stanley utility knives.

Hook blades are used by professionals such as contractors, flooring installers, and roofers, as well as by DIY enthusiasts who need a reliable cutting tool for various home improvement projects.

What are Hook Blades Used for?

Hook utility blades are a versatile cutting tool that can be used for a variety of applications, such as:

  1. Cutting through tough or abrasive materials: Hook blades are especially useful for cutting through materials that are difficult to slice with a standard blade, such as carpet, vinyl, roofing felt, rubber, and various types of fabrics.
  2. Roofing work: As mentioned earlier, hook blades are commonly used in roofing work to cut through roofing shingles, tar paper, and other roofing materials.
  3. Flooring work: Hook blades are also frequently used in flooring work to cut through linoleum, vinyl, and other types of flooring materials.
  4. Automotive work: Hook blades can be used to cut through various materials in automotive repair, such as trimming upholstery or cutting through rubber or plastic tubing.
  5. Arts and crafts: Hook blades can be used in various arts and crafts projects, such as cutting through foam board or heavy-duty paper.

How Do You Use a Hook Blade?

Hook blades in the pack of 10 for roofers - Sollex knife bladesTo use a hook blade, you will need a utility knife or a box cutter that is compatible with hook blades. Here are the basic steps to use a hook blade:

  1. Make sure your blade is securely attached to your utility knife. 
  2. Hold the utility knife firmly with one hand and position the hook blade against the material you want to cut.
  3. Use the hook of the blade to slice through the material, using a pulling motion to make the cut. The hook-shaped blade is designed to help it easily cut through material without damaging the underlying layer
  4. For safety, make sure to keep your fingers and other body parts away from the path of the blade as you cut.
  5. If the blade becomes dull or damaged, replace it with a new one or sharpen it if it's a resharpenable blade.
  6. After you finish using the blade, store it in a safe place away from children and other hazards.

Always remember to follow safety precautions when using any cutting tool, including hook blades, and wear protective gear such as safety glasses and gloves to prevent injury.

Hook Blades for Roofing

Roofing hook blades have a unique shape that allows them to easily slice through roofing shingles, tar paper, and other roofing materials with minimal effort. They are commonly used by professionals such as roofers and contractors, as well as by DIY enthusiasts who need to make repairs or install new roofing.

Here are some of the features of hook blades for roofing:

  1. Specialized hook shape: Roofing hook blades have a curved hook shape that helps them cut through thick roofing materials such as asphalt shingles or tar paper.
  2. Durable materials: These blades are typically made of high-quality, durable materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel, which can withstand the rigors of roofing work.
  3. Replaceable: Many roofing hook blades are designed to be replaceable, meaning that they can be easily swapped out when they become dull or damaged.
  4. Long-lasting: Due to their specialized shape and durability, roofing hook blades can often last longer than standard utility blades.

Sollex has titanium-coated hook blades PRO titan 10PT that roofers really like. These are more durable for cutting abrasive material like asphalt roofing paper.

Hook Blades for Flooring

Hook blades are commonly used for flooring work because they are uniquely suited to cutting through materials that are difficult to slice with a standard blade, such as vinyl, linoleum, and other types of flooring materials. Here are some reasons why hook blades are useful for flooring work:

  1. Precise cuts: Hook blades have a unique shape that allows for more precise cuts than standard blades, making them ideal for cutting along edges and in tight spaces.
  2. Minimal damage: When cutting flooring materials, it's important to avoid cutting into the subfloor or underlying materials. The hook shape of a hook blade can help prevent accidental cuts, reducing the risk of damage to the subfloor.
  3. Durability: Hook blades are often made of durable materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel. We also have titanium-coated blades in our range

Overall, hook blades are a useful tool for flooring work because they allow for more precise, controlled cuts that can help reduce the risk of damage to the subfloor and other underlying materials.

Utility Hook blade PRO Titan (PT)

Sollex Pro Titan is the blade for the professional roof and floor layer that places the highest demands on sharpness and durability! Thanks to the edge's titanium coating, Pro Titan is the ultimate answer for you who work with linoleum rugs and rugs.

The blades are adapted for Dolphin knife 1280 and Sollex Construction 2000 and are delivered in professional and delicious aluminum packaging.

These Sollex hook utility blade 10PT can be an alternative to the following utility knife hook blades of different manufacturers:

  • Mozart hook blade 110.065, 115.065, hook blade MOZART TIN 90110.065, MSG TIN 90110.064, MOZART TIN 90115.065, 90115.064, 90114.064, 90112.064, MOZART TIN 90105.065, 90105.064
  • Lutz hook blade 1250.0650, 1251.0650
  • Milwaukee® hook blade 48-22-1932
  • Martor hook blade No. 55.70 
  • Wolfcraft 4188000 hook blade
  • Dewalt Roofing blades DWHT11134

Utility knife hook blade that 10PT hook blades can be used with:

  • Most utility knives or dolphin knives
  • Sollex knives 2000, 1280, 1280B, 1280S
  • STANLEY® Classic 199® Fixed Blade STHT10209-8
  • STANLEY® Titan 10-550 + (STANLEY® 1992 Blade), 10-122 
  • STANLEY® Classic 99® 10-099 
  • Retractable Utility Knife STHT10175-8 
  • Dynagrip™ Retractable Utility Knife STHT10779-8 
  • Ergonomic All-Metal Retractable 
  • STANLEY® FatMax® 10-818, 10-819, 10-789, 10-780, 10-777, 10-778, STHT10424-0, FMHTO-10320, XTHTO-10502 
  • STANLEY® 299 10-299 + (STANLEY® 1992 Blade)
  • Milwaukee® FASTBACK™ Folding Utility Knife 48-22-1502 
  • Milwaukee® FASTBACK™ 4932478559, 48-22-1909, 48-22-1906, 48-22-1504, 48-22-1503 
  • Milwaukee® FASTBACK™ 48-22-1500 Compact Folding Utility Knife 
  • Milwaukee® 48-22-1901 Fastback™ Flip Utility Knife 
  • Milwaukee® 48-22-1510 Side Slide Utility Knife 
  • Milwaukee® 48-22-1910 Sliding Utility Knife 
  • Milwaukee® 48-22-1903 Flip Utility knife 4932471356, 4932471357, 4932471358, 4932471359, 4932471360, 4932471361

Utility Hook blade PRO (P)

Sollex Hook blade Pro is a knife blade that is developed to suit both your needs and your budget. The knife blades are made of high-quality carbon steel, which provides good performance and good durability when you cut materials such as textiles and carpets, linoleum and roofing felt.

The blades are adapted for Sollex Dolphin Knife 1280 and Sollex Construction Knife 2000 and are delivered in a smart dispenser that fits in our knives. The dispenser with ten hook blades PRO is perfect to put in the handle for pulling out hook blades in Sollex Construction knife 2000.

Utility Hook blade Mozart

Knife blade Mozart is the standard blade for floor layers and is available in three variants with both thinner and wider blades. The thinner knives are 0.30mm wide and are well suited for cutting thinner materials such as textile mats where thicker sheets often provide too much resistance. While the wider knives are 0.63mm wide and are better suited for thicker floor mats.

If, on the other hand, you work with plastic or linoleum, we recommend that you choose Pro Titan or Hooked blade Pro instead.

Utility Hook blade STANLEY

Sollex has a great solution for the Stanley utility knife with hook blade in the 10STANLEY hook Stanley blades which has exactly Stanley's dimensions but the same high quality as Sollex 10P PRO hook blades. You can easily order the 10STANLEY on the sollex.se website and get a really good hook blade that fits all Stanley utility knives when you need to change the blade.

Buy Hook Blades for Utility Knives Online

As leading experts in knife blades of all varieties, Sollex's experienced and sharp team has produced hook blades of really high quality! The blades are made in Germany of high-chromium-containing carbon steel that has been ice-hardened and especially ground to ensure higher durability and a cleaner cut. When you shop from us, you do not just buy a hook blade. You buy almost 100 years of experience in durability and performance!

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