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Johan Falk

Safety Knives to Open Taped Cardboard [Video]

Read how to open taped cardboard in the best way

Safety knives user manual - Martor - Sollex blogThe trick with opening taped cartons is to cut the tape with a foil knife or pelican knife.

Use the knife blade to cut the tape on the side of the box and then you can press the tape over the opening. It’s much more efficient and safer to open taped cardboard compared to other knives. Always cut only the tape to avoid damaging the box’s content.

The advantage of using a safety knife, foil knife or pelican knife to open taped cardboard is that you protect the contents when you cut because the knife blade is angled upwards instead of inwards the contents of the cardboard. The knife blade thus does not access the contents of the carton.

Another advantage of using a safety knife, foil knife or pelican knife when opening taped cardboard is that it is safer for the user because you can practically not cut yourself by the safety knife.

When you have removed the contents of the opened box, flip over  the box and remove the tape on the underside. Then just fold the cardboard so it takes up minimal space in the recycling bin.

How to open taped cardboard in the best way:

  • Use a safety knife, pelican knife or foil knife
  • It's faster and more secure, protects the content besides
  • Cut and press only the tape
  • Cut and press the tape on the underside
  • Fold the box and put it in the recycling bin

These products are suitable for opening taped cardboard:

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