Gillette-slotted blade

Gillette type industrial blades are widely used by industries. Gillette-slotted industrial cutter blades can be easily fixed in the blade holder of an industrial cutting machine to slit materials such as plastic film, laminated film, foil, textile materials, and adhesive tape. Sollex manufactures industrial blades of high quality materials that guarantee a fine and clean cut in the production and slitting of the final material. Sollex supplies premium industrial razor blades for the converting industry.

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Gillette-slotted industrial cutter blades

Slotted industrial cutter blades are used to convert manufactured materials. Gillette-slotted blades are also used in the razor slitting method.

Industrial razor blades similar to Gillette blades (also known as Gillette-slotted industrial cutter blades) are used to convert manufactured materials. Razor blade cutting is a method used to cut material into narrow strips or slices using an industrial razor blade when a fine cut is desired. The industrial razor blade can produce precise cuts with minimal waste and is well suited for applications that require high accuracy and precision. "Razor slitting" can be easily adapted to almost any cutting process.

We have 0.08mm, 0.10mm, 0.13mm, 0.20mm, 0.30mm thick industrial cutter blades

Gillette-slotted industrial cutter blades for razor slitting



Dimensions, mm

Pack., pcs


Industrial razor blade 0.08 mm - Gillette grip




Industrial razor blade 0.10 mm - Gillette grip




Industrial razor blade 0.13 mm - Gillette grip




Industrial razor blade 0.20 mm - Gillette grip




Industrial razor blade 0.30 mm - Gillette grip



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