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Sollex is a customer-focused supplier of knives, knife blades and industrial razor blades with high performance and competitive prices, and which does its best to solve the customer's needs in the best way. Our mission is to optimize cutting processes with performance and durability around the world. We are happy to share our solid expertise in choosing the right product for the right purpose. Sollex was founded in 1927. For more than 90 years, we have been supplying high-quality knives and razor blades.

Sollex believes in technology, quality and service in combination. Therefore, we insist on continuing to manufacture our tools from quality materials in Sweden and Germany. We also believe that you who use our products prefer the feeling of a genuine quality tool that can withstand the test of time and that works. Our blades last longer than others and money can be saved in the long run. All products presented on website are in stock, which guarantees you fast deliveries.

Our values

Outstanding quality. Individual approach to each client. Fast deliveries. Good prices.

Herman Falk thought the same way when he founded Sollex in a basement in Halmstad 94 years ago. But to continue to be successful, it is not enough to lean on a long tradition. You also have to keep a high pace of innovation, whether it's technology, quality or service. Sollex strives to pick the best pieces from history, but we aim for the future. Given our customers' reactions year after year, we dare say we have succeeded.

We value product quality, performance and durability. We are proud of our stability and deliveries on time.



  • Sollex sätter kunden i fokus oavsett var han eller hon befinner sig
  • Sollex kunder finns huvudsakligen i hela Sverige
  • Sollex fokuserar på butiksåterförsäljare
  • Sollex levererar dagligen knivar, knivblad och industrirakblad runt om i Europa
  • Sollex levererar även industrirakblad till industrier i USA, Mellanöstern och Asien
  • Flexibla priser beroende på kvalité och kvantitet


  • Sollex utvecklar och marknadsför ett världsledande kvalitetssortiment av knivar, knivblad och industrirakblad för professionella användare.
  • Kundfokuserad approach med lösningar för distributörer, grossister, återförsäljare, industrier och hantverkare.
  • Logistik- och ingenjörsföretag som levererar kundspecifika verktyg
  • Global leverantör med kunder i Småland, Europa och tre kontinenter till



  • Sollex har tillverkat raka knivar som är 1.2meter långa 
  • Sollex har tillverkat cirkelknivar med 810mm i diameter
  • Sollex har tillverkat små verktyg med toleranser i enstaka tusendelar och ytjämnhet Ra 0,01

how Sollex logo has developed over the years from 1927 to 2021

History of Sollex: From razor blades to space technology 

In 1927, nineteen-year-old Herman Falk rebuilt his basement into a complete factory that made outstanding razor blades. Business flourished – as he made blades based on excellent manufacturing methods, grinding technology and steel qualities.

During the 50s, in connection with razors only becoming compatible with their own blades, many of Sweden's razor manufacturers went bankrupt. Herman instead chose to start manufacturing industrial razor blades through a special technique: double grinding and blue painting. More than sixty years later, double-grinded and blue-painted industrial razor blades are still one of our bestsellers. Sollex industrial razor blades are also an important reason why we have maintained a leading position as one of the two Swedish razor blade manufacturers that remain.

In the 60s, our pointed blade 900 was launched, which are used for precision inserts by hand. Ten years later came the hook blade. Thanks to this smart blade, floor layers still get unmatched opportunities to cut with less force, while the surface is protected.

1984 Elisabeth Falk took over as Sweden's sharpest woman and pioneered titanium coating of blade edges. Sollex ceramic coating, which was launched in the 90s, extends the blade's durability several times over, something that still saves valuable time in the plastics manufacturing industry.

In 2011, Sollex's construction knife became "best in test" in the magazine Byggnadsarbetaren and the following year we celebrated our 85th anniversary by launching the blades Sollex Pro and Sollex Pro Titan for construction workers.

Since 2010 Sollex is run by Johan Falk, the third generation Falk. Head office and warehouse are located in Malmö. We specialize in knives and industrial razor blades with different properties for varying purposes, as well as tools in hard metal.

When we develop our products, the user and process is our top priority. We are also inspired by space technology in the search for products that can not be worn down. By listening to our users, we can create outstanding products, made for real professionals. In the same way, we intend to continue working in the future.

History of Sollex 1920-2020

In 1927, Herman Falk founded the 16-year-old Rakbladsfabriken Sollex in his parents' basement in Halmstad.

Herman Falk founded Sollex 1927

After 56 years of faithful service, Herman dies and hands over to his daughter-in-law Elisabeth Falk.

Elisabeth Falk took over Sollex in 1984

Sollex advertisment ads 1950s - our history

Sollex ad from 1930

Sollex razor blades - History of Sollex

Sollex sales packaging of razor blades from 1940

Sollex Razor blades - historical retrospective of developing company - Abous us

Beautiful Sollex razor blade packaging from 1940

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