Knives for cutting systems

Knives for digital cutting systems such as Zund, Summa, and Gerber

Sollex designs and makes high quality blades for cutting systems such as Zund, Summa, and Gerber. On this page you will find our vast range of blades for cutting systems. Sollex also makes blades high performance blades based on customer drawings. You are welcome to contact us and we may offer blades for your cutting system.

Knives for automated cutting systems

When working with a cutting machine, the cutting blade is of great importance. A good quality cutting blade will make the working process more enjoyable - but foremost it will lead to a better end result. Sollex has been producing blades for cutting systems for several years. We started making blades back in 1927 and since the 80s we have been using tungsten carbide in our production. This material ensures top quality blades with better endurance. 

Materials to cut with Zund Cutter

Because the Zund cutting systems are modular, it makes it possible to cut and process many different materials. A list of just a few of the materials suitable for use on the Zund is as follows:

Cutting materials with Zünd cutters

Aramid fiber


Sandwich board

Corrugated Plastic

Cardboard/ Corrugated cardboard / Folding carton

Fabrics/ Polyester fabric / Non woven fabrics





Glass fiber


Foam Board/ Foam / Hardfoam


PVC banner / PVC

Polycarbonate / Polypropylene

Vinyls / Reflective vinyls / Self-adhesive vynils


Soft Metals


Zund Blades Overview

In general, there are the following types of blades for Zund Cutters: drag blades, oscillating blades, rotary blades.

Types of knives used in Zund Cutters

Round-stock drag blades

Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z7

Flat-stock drag blades

Z6, Z10, Z11, Z44, Z46, Z101, Z102, Z103, Z83

V-cut drag blades

Z70, Z71, Z701, Z73

Mat-cutting drag blades

Z30, Z33, Z34, Z35

Oscillating blades – pointed

Z16, Z17, Z20, Z21, Z22, Z60, Z66, Z601, Z606, Z608

Oscillating blades – flat

Z26, Z41, Z42, Z61, Z62, Z63, Z64, Z68, Z69, Z82, Z201, Z202, Z203, Z204, Z603, Z605, Z607

Rotary blades

Z50, Z51, Z52, Z53

Blades with performance and durability for cutting systems

Sustainability is one of the key benefits with blades from Sollex. We want you to be able to feel the high quality standard throughout the whole working process. In close dialogue with the experts who uses our products, we strive to develop our products to always serve and exceed the expectations of the market. Our blades are characterized by the stable feeling that you will experience when working with your machine. We can promise you that you will feel the difference.

Blades for cutting systems like Zund, Summa and Gerber

Our blades for cutting systems will fit machines from Zünd, Summa, and Gerber. Those are high quality machines with reputation that goes way back. Our ambition is to live up to the same high quality, making our blades and those great machines the perfect match.

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