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Sollex is the industry leader in blades for the professionals and craft workers. Sollex utility knives and blades are chosen by flooring professionals for their superior quality and long durability. Our knife spare blades fit all standard retractable and fixed blade utility knives for installing carpet and other flooring operations. Sollex own dolphin knife is available in three colors for professional users who require a simple way of keeping track of different knives with different utility blades in them. We also sell other flooring knives and tools for floor layers such as trimming knives, saw blades and circular saw blades. Visit the Flooring category, which contains the best cutting tools floor installers need

What knives do flooring installers use?

Sollex Floor Knife / Carpet Knife 1280 + Knife Blade - a complete knife system for floor installersFloorers use quite many different cutting tools for flooring and carpeting and some of them are: trimming knives ( for example Stanley 199E trimming knifeStanley 99E retractable knife flooring), dolphin knife, folding pocket knife, snap-off knivesscrapers. There are different blades that are used in combination with above mentioned knives: scraper blades, 9mm and 18mm snap off bladesconcave blades, hook blades / hooked blades, slotted blades, trimming knife blade and many other.

What is a dolphin knife?

Dolphin knife is the most popular professional knife with carpet fitters and floor installers. This carpet knife has got the name by its form of a dolphin animal. The dolphin knife has a steady ergonomic grip, 100% metal construction, the blade is firmly fixed, easy change of dull blade without screwdriver. A magnet is mounted in the knife in the blade area, so it sits always on its place. It is possible also to store some spare knife blades inside the knife. All standard straight and hook blades fit in the dolphin knife. All dolphin knives go with knife holder to keep it safely.

Sollex dolphin knife and belonging blades:  dolphin knife 1280, black dolphin knife 1280S, blue dolphin knife 1280B + utility blades 10PT, 10P, 9PT, 16PT

What is the best knife to cut carpet?

The best knife is a sharp knife. This sounds simple but is the truth. Having a sharp knife is the most important rule to cut carpet well. If you’re using a utility knife with a removable blade - change the blade before you get started. To keep the cutting moving along, be sure to have a new blade on hand. It may seem like a pain to have to stop to change the blade, but it will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Sollex recommendation of blades for cutting a carpet: 10PT, 10-5, 16PT

What knife is best to trim the carpet? 

Usually a carpet trimming tool is a tool that you can use to trim the carpet. But you can also use a box cutter or utility knife for this purpose. The only requirement to have the work well done is to have a new, sharp blade in the knife. Use the cutting board ( wood plank for example) underneath the carpet while cutting the edges and cutting out spaces for floor vents. Do not forget to check the cut you made so it is clean and no fibers from the main carpet are connected to the cut strip if you pull it off.

Our best knife to trim the carpet: dolphin knife 1280, snap-off knife PRO 7180

What kind of knife do I need to cut vinyl flooring?

Dolphin knife with long utility blade 975P to cut safely construction material - Buy utility knives online from SollexYou can cut vinyl flooring with a heavy duty utility knife or you can use just a good and sharp knife blade in any utility knife or dolphin knife. Utility knives are the best cutting tool to handle vinyl or laminate flooring. The linoleum knife is also a good knife to apply to linoleum material due to its curved blade design. The most important things while cutting the carpet materials are that the knife blade sits steady in knife and that it is enough sharp and durable. You need to change the blades often so the knife cuts properly, as a dull blade will not cut effectively.

Sollex products that can be used to cut vinyl flooring: dolphin knife 1280 + 10PT, 9PT

What knife and blade can be used for cutting linoleum carpet?

Linoleum flooring knife is used for cutting linoleum carpet. Linoleum Flooring Knife has a curved blade and thanks to that it stays firm while floorer cuts the linoleum material using a drag-cut method. This design is quite outstanding, as it is very curved and reminds a half moon. This blade does well on tight spots where box cutters and scissors might fail and where precision is needed. These knives are made to cut through vinyl and other floorings effortlessly.

When the linoleum knife blade become dull floor installer usually needs to replace the whole knife. The solution that we can offer is to use concave blades with utility knives and always have sharp knives by hand.

Sollex products that can be used for cutting linoleum carpet: dolphin knife 1280 + 10PT, 9PT

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