Reinforced single edge blades

reinforced one cut edge razor blade is wrapped in waxed carton paper for safe and better storage - SollexOn this page you will find single cutting edge razor blades with a reinforced back meant for industrial applications only. 

Our reinforced single edge blades are intended for use in universal scrapers or other hand tools. Sollex reinforced single edge blades are perfectly suited for window scrapers or when you require a blade where you can hold in one side. 

These industrial razor blades fit perfect  for cleaning, smoothing, scraping, cutting and deburring. Best for scraping off paint, putty, dirt, glue, varnish from flat surfaces.

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Industrial Single Edge Razor Blades - Carbon & Stainless Steel Blades

Single edge razor blades with aluminium back for industrial use - SollexSingle edge razor blades are also called reinforced one edge scraper blades. Essentially, it's a razor blade with one cutting edge and an aluminum back on the other edge for a safe and comfortable grip. 

Sollex's range includes single edge blades with a reinforced back intended for industrial uses only.

Single edge razor blade dimensions

Industrial blades with a single cutting side have most often the same standard size and differ only in grinding or material from which they are made. The standard thickness of single sided blade is 0.25mm, length and width is 39*20mm.

Due to the fact that blades from different manufacturers (GEM, LUTZ, Personna, American Line, Feather etc) have the same parameters, it makes it easier for consumers to buy single-sided razor blades later for tools where reinforced single-sided blades were used.

click scraper for window cleaning, scrubbing, scraping with reinforced single edge razor blades - SollexIt can be stated with 100% guarantee that the single-edged sharp razor blades in our range are suitable for the standard single-edge scrapers like click scraper.

Application of single edged razor blades

Single cut sided razor blades for industrial use are all-purpose blades. The reinforced one sided blades are ideal for cleaning, smoothing, scraping, cutting and deburring operations. These blades are used in a wide variety of industries including cleaning, wallpapering and painting, molding, optometry, furniture upholstery and window restoration, vehicle tinting and vinyl wrapping, and more. 

Sollex reinforced scraper blades work for paint scrapers and other scraper tools where a scraper blade is needed. 

Since these blades have one side with an aluminum back, this makes it possible to hold the blade safely and to use it even without additional tools, e.g. when detailed cutting, scraping or trimming. 

In addition, it has been discovered that blades with a single cutting edge and a triple-bevel edge when used in machinery are ideal for cutting latex and silicone material in the production of flexible tubing for medical applications. Read more about this customer case here.

3 types of reinforced single edge blades

Sollex single sided razor blades are available in three different qualities. 

Stainless and carbon steel single edge blades with reinforced back

Sollex single edge blades are made in top quality stainless or carbon steel. These reinforced industrial razor blades are suitable for cutting, scraping or deburring tough materials. This first quality gives you really good performance and single sided blades designed and adapted for industrial use. The single edged blades are made of highly chromatized stainless steel, hardened and double ground to perfection.

Heavy-duty reinforced single edge blades

Sollex's Heavy-Duty quality HD single edge blades are a tougher blade that is thicker than regular single edge blades. It is less sharp, but should last longer when scraping more tough materials. Single edge blade HD is ideal for a heavy duty hand scraper. 

Extra sharp reinforced single edge blade

Sollex single edge blade 62G is our best quality. This high quality blade has a triple bevel sharpening. This means it is sharper than the basic and heavy duty single sided blade version. With the triple sharpening, this blade offers the highest sharpness, performance and durability.

How reinforced scraper blades can benefit you

  • Safe to use all-purpose razor blade
  • Suitable for cutting, scraping, deburring, trimming
  • Fits all standard scrapers
  • Long-lasting and effective
  • Razor blade sharpness 
  • Professional packaging for your usage
  • Large selection of blades from different manufacturers
  • The scope of the blade is only limited by your imagination

Pack of reinforced single edge razor blades

For single edge blades we have many different types of packaging. Depending on how you use your blade we have packaging with 5, 10, 100, and 240pcs of single edge blades. The smaller packaging works well in your pocket. The 100pcs size works either in your tool bag or mounted in your workplace. For the 62 version each blade is individually protected with a cardboard paper wrap. The 62-100p version is a professional dispenser with 100 single edge blades ready to be used by a tap on a button on the dispenser. This is really useful in professional glass manufacturing plants.

Where to buy single edge razor blades

Sollex reinforced single edge blades are the right choice for you if you are looking for high quality and long performance blades for industrial applications. You can usually find the single edge blade for your particular scraping process by testing a few different variants. We are sure we can meet your requirements. Test our single edge blades if you are unsure of which blade to choose - call us on +46 35 - 15 75 00 or write to, and we will help you.

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