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On this page you will find our full range of high quality die face cutting blades! We have a wide range to suit most machines on the market. Our range is continuously updated with new and improved pellet blades. Sollex offers high quality pelletizer blades of various dimensions and qualities. We manufacture die face cutter blades from very durable materials that extend the lifetime. Our pellet blades are suitable for plastic recycling, plastic granulation, and pelletizing plastic in Munchy, Erema or NGR machines. Give your pelleting machine a boost with Sollex pellet blades!

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Plastic Recycling: Extrusion & Pelletizing

Plastics pelletizing is a critical step in the plastics recycling process. It converts recycled plastics such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) into small, uniform pellets called post-consumer resin (PCR). These pellets can then be used as feedstock for various plastics manufacturing processes.

The pelletizing process is typically made up of shredding, washing and drying, extrusion and cutting / pelletizing.

  1. Shredding. The plastic waste is first shredded into smaller pieces to facilitate further processing in a plastic shredding machine.
  2. Washing and drying. The shredded plastic is thoroughly cleaned to remove any contaminants such as dirt, labels, or residual materials. It is then dried to remove moisture, as excessive moisture can affect the quality of the final pellets.
  3. Extrusion. The clean and dry plastic flakes are fed into a plastic recycling extruder where they are melted and formed into a molten plastic mass.
  4. Cutting. The molten plastic is extruded through a die that forms it into thin strands or noodles in the pelletizing machine for plastic recycling. Pelletizer knives or blades are then used to cut these strands into small cylindrical pellets.

Plastic Recycling & Pelletizing Knives

Pelletizer / pelletizing blades are specially designed blades used in the pelletizing process to cut extruded plastic strands into pellets. The knives and blades for plastics recycling are also known as: Pelletizer blades, pelletizing blades, pellet cutting blades, pelletizer knives, pelletizing cutter blades, die face cutter blades, granulating knives, die face blades, die face knives, hot die face cutter blades, densifier knives, granulator cutter knives.

To ensure durability and long service life, these knives are typically manufactured from high quality hardened tool steel. This heat treatment process provides a balance of hardness, break resistance and helps to achieve the necessary properties to ensure that the knives will withstand the demands of the plastic granulation and recycling process.

Depending on the specific requirements of the plastic recycling equipment and the type of plastic being processed, knife for plastic recycling specifications can vary.

Here are some common pelletizer knife specifications and features:

  • Pelletizer knives are commonly made of high-speed tool steel or special alloy steel such as D2 or M2, bimetal, and even tungsten carbide.
  • Blades are heat treated to achieve optimum hardness. Typical hardness is in the range of 55-62 HRC (Rockwell Hardness Scale).
  • Depending on the specific pelletizing system, pelletizer knives vary in length, width and thickness. These dimensions are typically custom designed to meet the requirements of the equipment.

Types of Plastic Recycling Knives and Blades

In plastic recycling, different types of machine blades are utilized to cut the extruded plastic strands into pellets during the pelletizing process. The specific blade types used can vary based on the recycling method, equipment, and the characteristics of the plastic being processed. Here are some common types of blades used in plastics recycling.

Granulator Blades

Granulating blades are designed to shred plastic materials into smaller granules or flakes for further processing or recycling.

Underwater Pelletizer Blades

Underwater pelletizing is a process that is used for certain types of plastic recycling, most notably in the production of thermoplastic materials. In this process, the plastic strands are cut under water, and special blades are used to cut the strands efficiently.

Strand Cut Pelletizer Blades

Strand pelletizing is a common process in plastics recycling where plastic strands are cooled and then cut into pellets.

Hot Die Face Pelletizer Blades

Hot die face pelletizing involves extruding molten plastic through a die and then cutting the plastic strands into pellets / resin granulate. Designed to withstand high temperatures, these pelletizing blades can have different edge configurations depending on die design and plastic material.

Plastic Recycling Machinery Manufacturers

There are several options when it comes to plastic recycling equipment. Popular choices include plastic recycling equipment from EREMA, NGR, Gala, Munchy, Vecoplan, Weima, Cumberland, and B+B Anlagenbau.

Three well-known manufacturers of plastic recycling lines and equipment are listed below, as well as examples of products and technical data.

Machines for plastic recycling from EREMA, Vecoplan, B+B


Plastic Recycling Line/Machine



Intarema TVEplus

- Throughput: Up to 1,800 kg/h

- Suitable for various plastics including PP, PE, PS, and more 

- Advanced filtration system for high-quality output

Vacurema Advanced

- Throughput: Up to 2,000 kg/h

- Efficient decontamination and drying process 

- Processing of heavily printed and contaminated materials


- Compact, space-saving design 

- Suitable for PET recycling 

- High-quality end product with low energy consumption


V-ECO 1700

- Throughput: Up to 1,200 kg/h

- Versatile machine for processing different plastics

- Low energy consumption and noise levels


- Efficient pre-shredding of plastic waste

- Suitable for different plastic types including bottles, films, and more

- Integrated conveyor for easy material handling

V-Eco 1300

- Modular design for easy customization and expansion 

- Effective size reduction and homogenization of plastic waste

- Low maintenance requirements

B+B Anlagenbau


- Advanced extrusion technology for plastic recycling

- Flexible design for various plastic types

- High-quality pellets with low energy consumption


- Integrated washing, drying, and pelletizing system

- Suitable for various plastic waste, including films, bottles, and more

- Efficient water and energy consumption

The machines of the Intarema series from EREMA are designed for high throughput rates and are able to process different types of plastic waste, such as PP and PE, into high quality PCR pellets.

Custom Granulator and Pelletizer Knives for Your Specific Application

Sollex offers high quality pellet blades of various dimensions and qualities. We manufacture pellet blades from highly durable materials that extend their life. Our pellet blades are suitable for plastic recycling, plastic granulation, and pelletizing plastic in EREMA plastic recycling systems, as well as Munchy, Gala, NGR, Weima plastic recycling systems. Sollex has been successfully supplying the plastics recycling industry with die face cutter blades, pelletizer knives and granulator knives for many years.

Not sure which pellet blade you need? Please email us your drawings or specifications so that we can help provide high quality, durable and efficient solutions to your needs. Or give us a call on +4635-157500 and we will help you!

High Quality Pellet blades to Order

Do you want to work professionally, with higher performance and longer durability? Then the Sollex pellet blades are the right choice for you. The best pellet blade for your cutting process is usually found by testing a few different variants of Sollex pellet blades. Pellet blades from Sollex are available in different designs, cutting angles and steel grades. The pellet blades are made in Germany from high-grade steel that has been ice-hardened and specially ground. The majority of Sollex machine blades for pellet milling are delivered in partner packs.

Browse through our range and if you are unsure which blade is best for your particular application - give us a call on +4635 - 15 75 00 and we will help you.

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