Slitter blades

Sollex range of slitter blades in various qualities and coatings optimized for cutting in various materials. Slitter blades are excellent for use in industries for plastic film production, and Sollex has versions optimized for cutting in for example white plastics, hard laminated plastics, and thin stretched plastics

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Slotted Slitter blades

On this page you will find Slitter blades with slotted hole in high quality. Sollex manufactures Slitter blades for a variety of applications. Depending on what kind of material you are going to cut, and what durability you demand, we have a blade that suits you. If you want long lasting and durable industrial knives you can save standing still time and increase performance. We recommend Slitter blades from Sollex for cutting edge performance.

Slotted Slitter blade for industrial production

Most Sollex razor blades are delivered in a so-called partner pack. A package that is very suitable for industrial production. The razor blades lie on top of each other on two spears in a plastic package. The edges of the slotted Slitter blades do not come into contact with the packaging. For the user, it is easy to see how many razor blades are left because the lid on the partner pack is made of transparent plastic.

Good Slotted Slitter blades

The slotted slitter blades from Sollex are available in different product qualities. In our basic quality, you will find Slitter blades that are suitable for cutting simple materials. Already here you get really high quality Slitter blades developed and adapted for industrial use. The slitter blades are made in Stainless steel that has been hardened and specially grinded. 

Coated Slotted Slitter blades

At the next levels, we have applied a coating to the edge to change the Slitter blade's cutting properties. We coat razor blades to protect the blade from abrasion, reduce friction in the cut, and increase performance and durability. If you want to cut thin stretched film, our Z-coating fits while white plastic film (as an additive chalk) Slitter blades with K-coatings is a good choice. For really tough films (such as the addition of titanium), Sollex X coating is recommended. Slitter blades with Sollex X coating have the entire razor blade coated.

Comparison of industrial blades of carbon vs stainless steel vs tungsten carbide + extra coatings to improve their performance - Sollex industrial machine knives and blades

Sollex slotted Slitter blades must be experienced and tested in Gemba (your industrial reality). Our high performance Slitter blades are coated with, among other things, titanium, ceramic and tungsten carbide. We offer Slitter blades where only one side is coated, but also blades where both sides are coated. Our ceramic-coated Slitter blades are FDA- and EC-approved, which means that they can come into contact with food.

Industrial machine knives with extreme performance and durability

Sollex Slotted Slitter blades in solid tungsten carbide or ceramic are characterized by extreme performance and durability. An ordinary industrial blade installed in a machine that cuts plastic film usually lasts for 20 minutes. The slitter blades from Sollex made of solid ceramic (C) or solid tungsten carbide (V) can last for months. So the difference is huge. The solid ceramic (C) is self-sharpening. This means that the more it wears, the sharper the Slitter blade set becomes. Industrial razor blades made of solid tungsten carbide (V) instead retain the original grinding extremely long. Both razor blades in solid ceramic and solid tungsten carbide give you extreme performance and durability for tough films.

Sollex – Slotted Slitter blades for your application

Do you want to work professionally, with higher performance and longer durability? Then Slitter blades from Sollex is the right choice for you. Sollex is a leading provider and manufacturer of industrial blades and knives for the plastics industry. The optimal Slitter blade for your specific process can usually be found by testing a few different variants. Browse through our range and if you are unsure of which sheet is best for your particular purpose - call us on 00 46 35 - 15 75 00, and we will help you.

For more information, here is a link to Sollex's different product qualities

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