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Klever safety knives are great knives to safely open cardboard boxes, cut tape, plastic film and stretch wrap, banding, etc. 

Buy Klever Kutter, Klever Koncept, Klever XChange, Klever Excel, Klever XChange PLUS, metal detectable Klever Kutter at Sollex. 

All Klever safety knives guarantee the highest level of safety for users, are ergonomic, comfortable and durable. Klever safety knives with hidden blades reduce cuts and accidental damage to goods.

You can buy Klever safety knives with non-replaceable and replaceable blades. Klever safety knives are ideal for warehouse and industrial applications.

Klever Safety Cutters:

  • reduce cut injuries
  • reduce damaged goods
  • always safety ready

Klever Kutter and Metal Detectable Klever Kutter

Fits great in a pocket and easy to keep anywhere you frequently cut or open things. It just simply works. Sollex offers the following safety knives of the Klever Kutter series: KCJJ-1Y, KCJ-1MD.

Klever Koncept

Safety knives of the Klever Koncept series have an ergonomically designed handle with a piercing tape splitter and a slightly wider throat. Sollex offers the following safety knife of the Klever Koncept series: KCJ-2Y.

Klever XChange and Klever XChange Plus-HD

Interchangeable heads, ergonomic soft-touch handle, innovative metal tape splitter and wide throat for your most challenging cutting jobs make this a great choice. Sollex offers the following safety knives of the Klever XChange series: KCJ-XC-20Y and PLS-300XC-20. We have in stock interchangeable Narrow Head (KCJ-XH-20), Wide Head (KCJ-XH-30) and Kurve Head (KCJ-XH-40) in high-quality carbon steel, which suit Klever XChange safety cutters. 

Klever Excel

Klever Excel Cutters are only disposable and have a plastic tape splitter. Available in both narrow and wide heads with durable, high-quality carbon steel blades.  Sollex offers the following safety knives of the Klever Excel series: KCJ-4-20Y, KCJ-4-30Y.

Klever XChange carbon steel replacement heads:

If you have any questions about Klever's or Sollex's safety knives feel free to contact us at order@sollex.se or +46 35 15 75 00.

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