Handheld knives

Sollex provides handheld knives of the highest quality for professional users

We have a wide range of the very best safety knives for warehouse and industry, that minimize the number of cutting injuries - but cut your materials effortlessly! Sollex has a wide range of professional handheld knives for various applications. Sollex offers safety knivessnap-off knivesflooring knivespathology knivesconstruction knivesscalpels and scrapers. For more information about each type of knife, please head to their sub-categories here on the website.

What is a utility knife for?

In construction the main use for utility knives are cutting drywall or roofing felt. In warehousing utility knives are commonly used for cutting down cardboard.

Which knife is best for floor layer and carpet layer?

A floor layer requires a knife with a completely fixed knife blade. It needs to be small and easy to access behind pipes and elements, but also robust and sturdy with not too many loose parts. Our recommendation is Sollex Dolphin Knife 1280 or Mozart S2 1002.00 for hook blades or short straight knife blades. To cut welds, we recommend Mozart's Trimming Knife 4595.

Why are there dolphin knives in aluminum, blue and black?

A floor layer usually has two knives. One is for hook blades and one is for short straight knife blades or crescent blades. In order to be able to visually quickly and easily see the difference between which knife has which knife blade, we have them in stock in aluminumblue and black colors.

Which knife or knife blade are suitable for cutting gypsum/plaster?

We recommend Sollex Construction Knife 2000 for cutting gypsum/plaster. The large sturdy knife with a fixed knife blade gives you a robust and sturdy cut.

For gypsum boards, we recommend Long utility blades such as Sollex Utility Blade pro 975P. This knife blade is optimized for cutting drywall.

To cut fire-hardened gypsum/plaster, we recommend you the knife blade Sollex Utility Blade banzai 975B. This knife blade has extreme durability and optimal design for cutting many fire-hardened gypsum boards.

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