Flooring tools

Sollex is the industry leader in blades for the professionals and craft workers. Sollex utility knives and blades are chosen by flooring professionals for their superior quality and long durability. Our knife spare blades fit all standard retractable and fixed blade utility knives for installing carpet and other flooring operations.

Floor tools which are displayed on this page are universal and fit perfect for cutting for example carpet, vinyl, linoleum floor coverings, insulation, drywall, roofing felt and more. The best choice will be to use utility, hook or concave knife blades with our utility knife 2000 or dolphin knife.

Utility spare blades and razor blades all have a razor sharp edge for precision cutting. Moreover there are some knife blades with titan (TiN) coating which guarantees even longer durability and better sharpness. Some carpenters could also need slotted blades, scraper blades and three hole razor blades.

Order test examples of spare knife blades for flooring

If you are interested in a blade but are unsure of your choice, Sollex can send you some knife blades to test so you can be sure of the quality and durability and compare with knife blades you are using. To order test knives is very easy, please send us an email. In the text of the letter please specify what products you are interested in, as well as contact and address information.

Moreover, we offer wholesalers cooperation. To get an offer from Sollex call 00 46 35-15 75 00 or email info@sollex.se

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