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    Sollex - Supplier of knives and blades for industries and business

    Sollex is your supplier of knives and blades! We have products with cutting edge technology and performance that improves your cutting process and solve problems. With the right knives and blades, you can get simplified maintenance, time savings and an improved final product.

    We manufacture our tools in top quality materials in Sweden and Germany. Our blades last longer than others and money can be saved in the long run. What's more, we keep most products in stock which guarantees you fast deliveries. Sollex delivers knives and blades around Europe on a daily basis but also to industries in the USA, Middle East and Asia. Whatever your needs, we have accumulated hundreds of different products in different materials and designs and hope that you will find the right knife or blade for your cutting process. If not, please contact us and we will help you out.

    Where is Sollex based? 

    Sollex is a Swedish company based in Malmö Sweden. Sollex was founded in 1927. The company has been based in Halmstad and Jönköping previous the move to Malmö.

    What do we offer our customers? 

    At Sollex we value our customer above all. We understand that our customers is our raison d'être. We offer our customers top quality cutting tools for reasonable prices. In addition we keep most products in stock for quick and painless shipments. Sollex has been shipping knives and blades for more than 95 years. 

    Moreover we offer our customers our support and technical know-how. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the development of knives for industries, as well as solutions adapted to customer needs.  We offer our expertise in analyzing your case and environment, helping you to optimize your cutting processes and finding the best solution.

    What knives and cutting tools are in the Sollex range?

    Sollex offers hundreds of different products so you can find the right cutting process for your business. That's why we have a well-stocked warehouse in Sweden with machine knives and blades for all kinds of applications. Over and above, we have a wide range of the best safety knives and extra blades, utility and craft blades, knives for industrial machines. 

    Our usual customers are warehouses, shops, wholesalers, construction companies, industrial companies and manufactures ( film, foil, rubber, non woven, paper and cardboard etc), craftsmen, media agencies and many other.

    Handheld knives, utility blades and industrial blades

    Explore our wide range: utility knives, pen knives, construction knives, floor and roofing knives; long - short knife blades, hook blades, segmented and non-segmented utility blades, a large number of extra blades for safety knives; knives for industrial use, etc. Sollex manufactures knives and tools in the following materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, bi-metal, high speed steel, tool steel, ceramic materials, solid tungsten carbide and carbide.

    Sollex has professional utility blades for professional users. On this category page you'll find Sollex utility blades: long straight blades, short straight blades, hook blades, concave blades, scalpels, utility blades for safety knives and other blades. The blades are optimized for cutting in for example plaster, roofing felt, and different types of floors.

    Wide range of safety knives

    Safety is important. Therefore Sollex offers high quality, affordable safety knives to help you and your employees work safely. Safety knives are ideal for those who work in warehouses or open cardboard and plastic packaging frequently. Why should you use safety knives? Because they will reduce injuries in your workplace and consequently reduce costs for employers.
    Sollex has a very wide range of safety knives from MartorMure & PeyrotSlice and Sollex.

    Knives based on your drawing 

    In order to always offer the sharpest range, our in-house team of engineers and experts also create customized products for your specific needs. This means that we design, develop and deliver knives, knife blades and industrial razor blades based on your drawing or your needs. Machine knives are one of Sollex's strengths. We have some in stock but are constantly developing our range of circular knives, roller knives, top knives and sub knives. We usually do this together with the customer. Then you get the best cutting properties and performance for your cutting process.

    Sollex customers and blog

    Sollex has many satisfied customers such as large international companies, local dealers and various craftsmen. Our focus is on cutting technology and performance. Fast delivery, high quality products and unbeatable customer service are taken very seriously. Reviews and customer ratings are available on Trustpilot. By clicking on the link you end up on a page where you are most welcome to leave a review.

    Do you want inspiration on how you can improve your cutting process? Take a look at our blog posts for tips on how to best use your knives and blades. You are also welcome to contact us by phone or mail. Stay up-to-date on cutting technology and our news by signing up for our newsletter. We are also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - follow Sollex for more inspiration and improved cutting process.

    Sollex - Cutting edge performance - Blades for film and foil

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