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  • Sollex Circular Bottom and Top knives, Crush Cutters, Dished knives, Shearing blades, Serrated knives for Paper, Cardboard, Plastic Film, Packaging Cutting

    Slitting Blades for Converting

    Die-face Pelletizer Knives for Die cutting - Sollex machine blades for plastic manufacturing and recycling

    Plastic Recycling & Pelletizing

    Sollex industrial razor blades for slitting plastic film, foil while manufacturing and converting - Hundreds of Sollex industrial slitting blades

    Razor Cutting of Film & Foil 

    Sollex offers Machine Knives for Cutting Packaging, Paper, Rubber, Plastic, Film, Cardboard - Custom-made Slitting Knives for different industries

    Custom-made Machine Knives

    Sollex knives and blades for modern digital cutting systems and plotters like Zund, Summa, Gerber, Atom used for manufacturing labels, signs, banners, ads

    Labels & Signs

    Sollex utility blades like 60mm knife blades, 9mm and 18mm snap off blades, hook blades for utility and construction knives - High quality and durability

    Blades for Various Applications

    Sollex Pointed Tip Blades for Rubber, Plastic, Cardboard Cutting

    Pointed Blades for Hole Punching

    Safety knives and replacement blades for the safer working environment - Buy Martor, Klever, Slice knives from Sollex

    Tools for Safer Cutting

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    Sollex - a Supplier of Machine Knives, Slitting Razor Blades and Industrial Knives

    Sollex is a leading European supplier of industrial machine knives and slitter razor blades, offering the latest products in cutting technology and performance at good prices and with high quality.

    Our main customers are plastic film and foil manufacturers, flexible packaging manufacturers, paper, paperboard and cardboard manufacturers, plastic recycling companies, MedTech companies, construction companies, manufacturers of nonwoven fiber products, rubber, and other innovative materials, printing companies and advertising agencies.

    We keep all our standardized products in stock (the warehouse is located in Malmö, Sweden), which guarantees you fast delivery not only throughout Europe, but also to the USA, Canada, Middle East and Asia. Read the Sollex purchase and delivery conditions here.

    Sollex's range of knives and blades

    Sollex is inspired by technology and processes to improve cutting performance. That is why we have the largest range of industrial blades, plotter knives for digital cutting, slitter razor blades for plastic film manufacturing in Northern Europe. Since 1927, we have collected hundreds of different products in different materials and designs.

    Our product range includes:

    1. Machine Knives for Flexible Packaging: Circular slitter knives, paper slitting knives, industrial shear blades, score rotary knives, toothed machine knives / serrated knives, , perforating blades, crush cutters, tungsten carbide slitting rotary knives, top dished-shaped circular slitting and bottom knives for cutting a wide range of materials.
    2. Industrial Razor Blades for Plastic Film: Slotted slitter blades, industrial razor blades with 3 holes, injector blades, slitter - rewinder blades, ceramic coated slitter blades, tungsten carbide razor blades.
    3. Machine Knives for Recycling: Granulator blades, pelletizer blades, carbide knives, serrated knives, shearing blades.
    4. Machine Knives for Paper and Cardboard: Top and bottom slitter knives, carbide slitting knives, crush cutters, circular dished knives, score and shear blades, rotary machine knives, pointed blades.
    5. Plotter Knives & Blades for CNC Digital Cutting Systems: For those in the digital cutting realm, our plotter knives are tailored for CNC Digital Cutting Systems like Zund, Summa, and Gerber, ensuring precision and durability.
    6. Safety Knives & Blades: Safety knives are essential for reducing workplace injuries, especially in environments where opening cardboard and plastic packaging is frequent.
    7. Utility & Craft Blades: Our professional utility blades are optimized for cutting materials like plaster, roofing felt, and various types of floors. We offer long straight blades, short straight blades, hook blades, concave blades, scalpels, and more.
    8. Customized Solutions: Sollex excels in creating customized knives, knife blades, and industrial razor blades tailored to your specific requirements. Our in-house team of engineers and experts work closely with you to design, develop, and deliver the best solutions.

    Machine knives and tools are produced in carbon steel, stainless steel, bi-metal, high speed steel, tool steel, ceramic materials, tungsten carbide and alloy carbide.

    Our blades last longer than others, which ultimately saves Sollex customers money and ensures non-stop production and reduced expenses.

    Cutting tools and industrial blades based on your drawing

    In order to always offer the sharpest range, our in-house team of engineers and experts also create customized products for your specific needs. This means that we design, develop and deliver cutting tools based on your drawing or your needs. Machine knives are one of Sollex's strengths.

    Why Choose Sollex?

    Choose Sollex for blades that enhance slitting and cutting processes, and experience the difference in quality and efficiency. For any queries or to explore our range, contact us directly. We are here to assist you in finding the perfect cutting solution for your business needs.

    Reviews and customer ratings can be found on Trustpilot.

    For the latest updates and inspiration on improving your cutting processes, follow Sollex on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also sign up for our newsletter and check out our blog posts for useful tips on using knives and blades effectively.

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