Mure & Peyrot

Sollex is proud of being Scandinavia's top distributor of Mure & Peyrot's safety knives.

Mure & Peyrot's safety knives are well suited for professional warehouse and logistic jobs. The robust safety knives are available in a variety of designs: knives with concealed blades, box cutters, trigger knives, safety knives. The main materials to cut with these safety knives are cardboards, packaging adhesives, packaging ties, plastic films, textiles, wires, strings, cables. The best advantage of using these knives is the excellent protection of workers from cuts and accidents, as well as the contents in the boxes

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Mure & Peyrot safety knives for a more efficient everyday life

Sollex is proud to be Scandinavia's largest distributor of Mure & Peyrot safety knives. We supply knives from this well-known manufacturer on a daily basis to satisfied private customers all over the country as well as contractors who use them in industry. Here you will find a large and good selection of knives and knife blades of the highest quality. 

French quality knives for efficient work

Mure & Peyrot is the French market leader in safety knives and industrial knife blades and today sells its knives all over the world. With over a hundred years of experience in the field, the experts at Mure & Peyrot work daily to develop new and smart knife solutions that will revolutionise the market even further. These knives are an investment that is guaranteed to last over time and well worth every penny. 

Buy your bestseller today

Mure & Peyrot offers a variety of knives of the highest quality. You can always complement the ones you already have with new solutions that will make your work smoother than ever. 

Mure & Peyrot Grepin

This safety knife is very durable and is perfect for warehouse work, for example. The knife has several functions and is made of magnesium which makes it light and durable. The fixed blade is designed to cut plastic films and plastic straps, and the extendable blade is adapted to cut all types of packaging. 

A special safety catch prevents the blades from coming loose. They are also replaceable, so users always have a sharp knife to work with. If you need to invest in a new knife blade, it goes without saying that you can always turn to us at Sollex. Why not buy an extra one when you buy your first knife? 

The knife works great for materials such as plastic film, plastic tape and packaging as well as corrugated board and cardboard and much more.

Mure & Peyrot Jalle

This safety knife has everything you need with its two blades that will help you in the fastest and smoothest way to open boxes, for example. The fixed blade is designed to allow you to easily and smoothly cut glue, packaging tape and safety plastic on packages and pallets. All with the utmost safety and security in every process. 

This is because the blade retracts automatically when you release the grip, making it a really good choice for all users, regardless of age. This knife works perfectly for those who work with packaging tape and safety plastic, for example, as well as many other materials. 

The smart solution for the safe workplace

Mure & Peyrot's safety knives are suitable for professional warehouse and logistics work. With the right knives, you will have smoother work processes and a more efficient working day. Good knives benefit everyone who comes into contact with them. 

The sturdy safety knives are available in a variety of designs and you are sure to find a knife that is also suitable for home conditions. It's always smart to choose a knife that works well whether you're working in the garden or unpacking after a move. 

Don't hesitate to contact us at Sollex if you have any questions about the Mure & Peyrot range. You can then order the safety knives easily online or by emailing Sollex directly at

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