Slice is an American supplier of safety knives with ceramic blades that are specially designed not to be able to cut through skin. That is why Slice knives and blades keep a very high safety level, but above all have other safety functions such as manual and automatic retraction. The blades are very durable and never rust. In the range of safety knives with ceramic blades there are scalpels, craft knives, pen knives, carton knives, industrial knives, box cutters, mini cutters, scissors and universal knives.

Slice ceramic cutting tools

Here you can find ceramic cutting tools and blades from Slice, the American manufacturer of safety knives with ceramic blades. The main difference between Slice knives and other safety knife manufacturers is that the Slice cutting tools have a ceramic blade that is durable and designed with patented finger-friendly technology. The company claims that their ceramic blades reduce the consequences of accidents with a safety knife, and especially protection against accidental cuts.

Slice claims that its ceramic zirconium oxide safety blades last 11 times longer than other blades. In addition ceramic safety blades are chemically inert and will not rust. They are also non-conductive and antimagnetic. 

But despite the positive properties of ceramic blades, they are not suitable for everyone. Ceramic blades can chip off and therefore should absolutely not be used in food and pharmaceutical production facilities. They are not magnetic and will not show up on x-rays.

Slice has the following cutting tools with ceramic blades in its assortment:

  • Box Cutters
  • Precision Knives
  • Micro-Ceramic Knives
  • Scissors
  • Utility and Industrial Knives
  • Folding Knives
  • Utility Scrapers

and replacement ceramic blades

Slice safe cutting tools have glass-filled nylon handles that are durable and easy to grip. Most have a lanyard hole in the handle that helps prevent loss. 

What kind of material can be cut with Slice safety knives

Box cutters are designed for cutting cardboard, paper, tape, plastic tape, plastic film, yarn and other packaging materials. 

Precision knives are designed for detailed work and are best suited for cutting thin or soft materials. 

Micro Ceramic knives work well on thin materials such as paper, plastic film, vinyl and even clamshell type packaging.

Scissors can handle a wide range of materials, from paper, cardstock, felt and plastic to rigid corrugated cardboard, fishing line, thin copper wire and clamshell packaging.

Utility knives are used for cutting packaging, corrugated boxes, pallet wrapping, plastic film, and tape.

Scrapers are recommended for removing glue from smooth surfaces, such as stickers from glass, and for scraping off mold, rust or paint in home and industrial applications.

When cutting thinner materials, buy a box cutter, pen cutter, carton cutter. 

Slice auto-retractable utility knife has longer blade for making deeper cuts. To cut thick materials such as triple-wall corrugated cardboard, you can use a manual utility knife. 

Explanation of color meaning and functional differences of Slice cutting tools


Blade retraction




It is up to the user to determine how long to expose the blade and when to retract the blade back into the knife. Tools like the Slice Manual Box Cutter have blades with multiple position settings



The spring-loaded blade automatically retracts when the slider on the handle is released, reducing the risk of accidentally exposing the blade


Smart retracting

The blade instantly self-retracts when it loses contact with its cutting material

Slice Box Cutters

Box cutters are hand tools of various designs that cut thin materials such as corrugated packaging, plastic film, tape. Their design anticipates protecting not only the user, but also the contents of the box. This type of tool is common in both the home and in industry. Box cutters include safety features such as limited blade exposure, retractability and an ergonomic handle design. These tools are considered a must-have for opening packages, cutting cardboard and trimming tough materials. 

Slice Precision Knives

Slice precision knives include retractable and manual precision cutter, craft knife, precision knife, scalpel with replaceable blade. This series of ceramic precision knives is manual only and is orange in color. Precision knives, sometimes called precision cutters or craft knives. 

Ceramic precision knives are used for a variety of purposes, primarily in craft, industrial, or laboratory settings, and are primarily for working with materials such as paper, stencils, and soft molding material. Generally, a precision knife cuts thinner materials, but some precision or craft knives can easily handle thicker materials such as styrofoam, foam or corrugated packaging.

Slice Utility Knives

Slice utility knives represent the largest category and the widest range. Utility knives are hand tools that cut corrugated packaging, plastic, plastic tape, tape, paper and other materials. The best utility knives used in both household and industrial applications feature enhanced safety.

Orange hand utility knives allow you to choose different fixed length blade positions depending on the depth of material being cut, and green utility knives have auto-retractable blades that prevent accidents when the tool is not in use. There are also blue utility knives, such as the 10558 Smart-Retracting Utility Knife, whose blade retracts as soon as it loses contact with the material being cut. 

Industrial utility knives are used for opening and breaking corrugated boxes, cutting pallet film and tape, trimming plastic parts, and cutting raw materials in production. Slice utility knives are durable, multipurpose tools. For deeper cuts, Slice offers industrial knives with extra-long blades. They are well suited for cutting soft, thick materials such as Styrofoam or fiberglass insulation.

Slice Replacement Blades

Ceramic blades cannot be resharpened, they can only be completely replaced with new ones. Slice cutter blades, or ceramic replacement blades, are compatible with a number of different Slice tools. These include all box cutter models as well as pen knives. Slice cutter blades come with a choice of a sharpened tip for a better start in making precise cuts or piercing material, or a rounded tip that provides an extra level of safety. If you don't need to make a precise cut and safety is your primary concern, a utility knife blade with a rounded tip is best.

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