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Concave utility blades to buy online from Sollex - Blades for professionalsConcave blades are suited for floor layers during detail work such as around pipes in sanitary rooms. The blade's design allows the user to apply less force during precision cuts. Sollex's blades are optimized for cutting in different materials, as they are available with different coatings on the edge. You can read more about Sollex's coatings and product qualities here.

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Concave Blades for Utility Knives

What are concave blades and what are they used for?

Concave blades for flooring, cutting carpets, linoleum, flooring materials - Sollex utility knives and bladesConcave blade is a hooked utility blade with one cutting edge used in pair with a utility knife to usually cut and score flooring materials like carpet, linoleum, different underlayment, also acrylic panels, LVP, vinyl, rubber and other soft or flexible materials. 

Concave blades have a distinctive curved shape, forming a semicircle or hook-shaped profile. This design enables the blade to easily hook and cut through flexible or even tough materials such as carpeting, flooring materials or cut around pipes and awkward corners.

In some cases, concave blades are used for cutting roofing materials, particularly soft roofing materials such as roofing felt. The hook shape promotes precise and controlled cutting. Concave blades can be useful for cutting soft packaging materials such as cardboard, thick plastic or strapping tape. Some hobbyists and crafters may use concave blades to cut fabric, leather or other soft materials in their projects.

The shape of the concave blades also makes it possible to cut materials with a pulling motion. All you have to do is to pierce the material at the initial cutting point and pull the utility knife with the blade towards you.The material will be cut like butter if you use such concave blades. We recommend Sollex 16P PRO to try cutting flooring materials first hand.

There are also extra titanium coated concave blades that are extra sharp and heavy-duty and are great for cutting abrasive materials like roofing felt. In this case try Sollex PRO Titan Concave Blade 16PT.

We highly recommend using concave blades when paired with our Sollex 2000 utility knife. You will get an excellent knife suitable for cutting a wide variety of material. If you also purchase straight trapezoidal blades, you will cover all your cutting needs.

Why You Should Try Utility Concave Blades

Concave blades for floor layers during detail work such as around pipes in sanitary rooms - SollexThere are several reasons to prefer hook or concave blades in flooring and construction work. First and foremost because of their hook-shaped design, concave blades can be safer when cutting soft or tough materials than regular utility knife blades. The hook helps keep the blade from cutting too deep, reducing the chance of injury.

Secondly such blades are especially useful for cutting carpets and such materials where it is convenient to pull and cut. It is also convenient to hook and cut shapes.

Also, concave blades are often designed for standard utility knives. They can be installed and replaced in the same way as other utility knife blades. Concave blades from Sollex will fit any standard utility knife.

Utility Concave Blades for Carpeting and Flooring

Various types of flooring require varying blade types, so there are three blade types that typically are used for flooring and carpeting applications: hook blade, straight utility blade, and concave blade.

Concave and hook blades are widely used in the flooring industry when carpet installation or repair. These hooked blades are preferred when installing carpeting as they are able to cut through carpet pad without damaging the floor subfloor. The curved shape of the blade ensures a controlled cut and prevents the risk of accidentally cutting into the floor underlayment. 

Concave blades are also suitable for cutting linoleum and vinyl flooring. As with carpet cutting, the curved blade shape prevents damage to the floor underlying surface while still cutting linoleum or vinyl effectively.

Straight utility blades are used to get an even precise cut and are suitable for overall use.

Like most utility knife blades, concave blades can become dull during heavy use, so it's important to have spare blades on hand to ensure optimal cutting quality.

Buy Concave and Hook Blades for Utility Knives Online

As leading experts in knife blades of all varieties, Sollex offers concave and hook blades of really high quality! The blades are made in Germany of high-chromium-containing carbon steel that has been ice-hardened and especially ground to ensure higher durability and a cleaner cut. When you shop from us, you do not just buy a utility blade. You buy almost 100 years of experience in durability and performance!

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