Skärblad för digitala skärmaskiner från Zünd. Extremt hållbart och skärande djup 12mm

Extreme durability with new Z17 for Zund

Extreme durability with new Z17 for Zund machines


Extreme durability with new Z17

I just spoke to the maintenance manager at a large Swedish industrial company. They have previously used regular snap-off blades in their process, that needed to be beveled and exchanged constantly.

Sollex new blade Z17 is so good that they in four months, yet have to exchange the first blade. 

"We are so very pleased with our new knives, but we won't need to order new ones yet for a long time."

Besides from cutting a rubber ring, the knife cuts in an underlying masonite sheet. Not even the tip of Sollex knives has been worn, despite many cuts in the masonite.

"We talked about the new knives last week, and concluded that they are amazing."

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