Sollex blogginlägg om zundkniv Z17 i solid volframkarbid för användning i Zünd digitala skärmaskiner

Extreme durability with new Z17 for Zund machines


Extreme durability with new Z17

High quality Z17 knife blade in solid tungsten carbide for use in Zünd digital cutting machines

Sollex high quality knife blade Z17 in solid tungsten carbide for use in Zünd digital cutting machines. They are so durable that in four months they have not yet had to replace a single blade.

"We are so happy with our new knives but we don't need to order new ones for a long time" - our customer told us. In addition to cutting out a rubber ring, the knife cuts into an underlying sheet of masonite. Even the tip of the Sollex knives has not taken a beating despite very many cuts in the masonite.

"We talked about the new knives last week and found them to be fantastic."

For which Zünd machines is the Sollex knife blade Z17 suitable?

The Zund S3 Z17 Drag Blade 65° is a pointed oscillating knife blade adapted for Zünd's UCT, SCT, EOT, EOT-250 & POT digital cutters, i.e. S3, G3 and L3 digital cutters with EOT and POT tool heads. The knife blade has extreme durability, and a cutting depth of 12mm. Sollex knife blade Z17 corresponds to Zünd's knife Z17 with part number 3910307. Sollex and Zund knife blades have similar shape and cutting characteristics. We have developed the Sollex Z17 because customers asked for longer durability and performance.  

Suitable for:

  • Folding carton
  • Magnetic foil
  • Cloth
  • Self-adhesive vinyl
  • Reflective vinyl
  • PVC banner
  • Cardboard
  • Polyester
  • Foamboard / Foam
  • Packing material


  • 25mm long
  • 0.63mm thick
  • 12mm maximum cutting depth
  • Pre-cut: 0.47 x TM


  • Applied in Zünd Universal Cutting Tool (UCT) with Insert Sleeve 40 and Blade Holder type 3 (3960324)
  • Or in Zünd Scoring Cutting Tool (SCT) with Blade Holder type 3 (3960324)
  • Or in the Zünd Electric Oscillating Tool (EOT)
  • Or in Zünd Electric Oscillating Tool 250 (EOT-250) with Blade Holder (5208744)
  • Or in Zünd Pneumatic Oscillating Tool (POT) with Blade Holder 0.63mm
  • Or in Zund Pneumatic Oscillating Tool (POT) with Blade Holder 1.5mm and Blade Reduction 1.5 / 0.63mm (5003138)

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