Sollex pelletsknivar för Eremas pelletiseringssystem

Granulator Knives & Pelletizer Blades for EREMA

EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen Ges.m.b.H. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of extruder systems and components for plastic recycling in-house, industrial recycling, post consumer recycling, chemical recycling, bottle recycling, PET fiber and PET inline recycling systems. 

EREMA recycling machines and components solves plastic waste problems and reduce the consumption of raw materials, convert material waste to a valuable secondary raw material, and return it into the production cycle. EREMA's recycling products saves production costs and minimize negative environmental effects. 

Materials recycled in EREMA systems

The list of materials and products that can be recycled and reused with the help of EREMA recycling lines is extensive and includes:

  • Blown films: PE-LD, PE-LLD, PE-HD etc.
  • Cast films: PET, PP, PE-LD, PE-HD, PS, PLA etc.
  • Cast films (biaxially stretched): BOPET, BOPP, BOPA, BOPS, BOPLA etc.
  • Heavily printed / metallised / laminated films
  • Multiple-layer films
  • Agricultural film
  • Packaging films
  • PET bottles
  • Fibre, Tapes and Non-wovens: PA, PP, PLA

EREMA strand pelletising systems

Pelletizing is an important process in plastic extrusion. Recycling plastic material needs to formed into pellets and granulates. The granules and pellets subsequently enter the production cycle and loop recycling (reduce, reuse, recycle) becomes a reality. 

What is also remarkable is that the pelletizer systems can be used inline. That means it can recycle when an extrusion machine operates.  During the plastic production process, edge trimmings are recycled back into production directly. EREMA extrusion and recycling technologies in combination with pelletizing systems enable the recycling of in-house produced waste and the following materials and corresponding recycling systems are combined:

  • INTAREMA T: Bioplastics (PLA),PE blown film,  non-printed plastic film and edge trim (LDPE, PP, PA/PET, BOPA, PLA), BOPP films, blown films, PP non-woven, PP filaments, PP fibers
  • NTAREMA TVEplus: Heavily printed, metallised, laminated films, LDPE washed flakes, agricultural film, PE film with paper labels, pallet wrap, PE washed film flakes, PP film / non-woven fleece with solid content
  • INTAREMA TE: Lightly printed films, sacking fabric, raffia, edge trim (LDPE, PP, PA/PET, BOPA, PLA), PP non-woven, PP fibres, PP filaments
  • INTAREMA K: PE edge trim, non-printed
  • EREMA K: Non-printed edge trim
  • Regrind PRO: HDPE regrind material, Regrind material (PE, PP, ABS, PS etc.)
  • INTAREMA ReFresher: HDPE bottle flakes, HDPE regrind material, LDPE washed flakes, agricultural film, PE film with paper labels, pallet wrap, PE washed film flakes, PP film / non-woven fleece with solid content, Regrind material (PE, PP, ABS, PS etc.)
  • COREMA: Multiple-layer films (e.g. PET/PE), PP regrind material + color masterbatch + fiberglass, Washed film flakes + color masterbatch + CaCO3
  • VACUREMA: HDPE bottle flakes, PET bottle flakes, PET flat film production waste, PET material mixtures, including virgin material, PET virgin material

Simply put, we can distinguish pelletizing systems for plastic processing by dry cutting and underwater cutting, as well as air and water cooling of the pellets. EREMA offers the following systems for the pelletization of plastic waste:

  • HG D Hot die face pelletising system with Direct Drive technology with water cooling technology
  • HG Air Hot die face pelletising system with air technology for thermoplastics: HG AIR 80K, HG AIR 120K, HG AIR 120 and HG AIR 240
  • ASP Semi-submerged strand pelletising systems for low-viscosity thermoplastics with water cooling technology
  • ASP-CIC system with water cooling technology and energy-efficient crystallization of PET or PLA

Plastic Recycling EREMA Knives

granulator / crusher knife for plastic recycling on Erema Intarema, NGR, Starlinger, Weiss, Gamma Technica, Polystar - SollexPlastic waste has to be shredded into small pieces or flakes before it can be turned into plastic resin pellets. For this first step granulator knives are used. EREMA recycling systems utilize rotary granulator knives. The plastic flakes are then melted and fed into the pelletizing system. Pelletizing components for both dry cutting and underwater pelletizing systems also require pelletizing knives or die face cutting knives, which are installed in the pelletizer and rotate in a circular motion to cut the molten plastic resin into pellets, which are subsequently cooled in various ways and reused in the production of plastic materials. What is remarkable with EREMA pelletizing systems is that pelletizer knives are changeable and installation and replacement is quick and simple.

Granulator Knives for EREMA

Granulator knives are trapezoidal in shape and differ in sharpening angle, dimensions, and specifications. They are fixed and rotate in a circular motion while grinding the plastic into smaller parts. There is another type of pelletizer knives called stationary knives and the example is L1330. Granulating knives for EREMA recycling systems available in our assortment are presented below.

EREMA Granulator Knives

EREMA Granulator Rotor Knives









2 countersunk holes ⌀6.5mm



Double sided



2 countersunk holes ⌀6.5mm



One sided



2 countersunk holes ⌀6.35mm



Double sided



2 countersunk holes ⌀6.35mm



One sided

Pelletizing Knives for EREMA

Pelletizer blade L24 46mm in a package - EREMA NGR knives for the plastic industry and (PCR) plastic pellet production - SOLLEXPelletizer / pelletizing blades are specially designed blades used in the pelletizing process to cut extruded plastic strands into pellets. The knives and blades for plastics recycling are also known as: Pelletizer blades, pelletizing blades, pellet cutting blades, pelletizer knives, pelletizing cutter blades, die face cutter blades, granulating knives, die face blades, die face knives, hot die face cutter blades, densifier knives, granulator cutter knives.

In general, pelletizer blades have different sizes, materials, bevel angles, holes and grooves when it comes to different recycling system manufacturers. But sometimes pelletizer and granulator blades are also suitable for pelletizers from other manufacturers.

Pelletizing knives for EREMA pelletizing systems available in our assortment are presented below.

EREMA Pelletizer Knives

EREMA Pelletising Die Face CUtter Knives

Sollex art.r





46.5 x 24 x 1mm

hole Ø4.5mm

In the base material 50+-2 HRC and in the HSS area 62+-1 HRC


46 x 24 x 0.80mm

hole Ø4.3mm

In the base material 50+-2 HRC and in the HSS area 62+-1 HRC

Granulator and Die Face Cutter Knives for Recycling

Sollex industrial razor blade for slitting plastic film and pellet blade for recycling plastic & plastic film

Sollex offers high quality recycling knives and blades of various dimensions and qualities. We manufacture blades for recycling and pelletising systems from highly durable materials that guarantee long performance. Sollex blades are suitable for plastic recycling, plastic shredding, and pelletizing plastic in EREMA plastic recycling systems, as well as Munchy, Gala, NGR, Weima plastic recycling systems. Sollex has been successfully supplying the plastics recycling industry with die face cutter blades, pelletizer knives and granulator knives for many years.

Do you need industrial razor blades to produce, cut and convert blown plastic film or cast film in the slitter rewinder machines? Sollex can offer you industrial blades for cutting blown film, packaging and agricultural film, stretch film, laminated and multilayer film, as well as films with additives, masterbatch and calcium carbonate masterbatch (CaCO3). 

We have the widest range of slotted slitter blades, industrial blades with 3 holes with straight and rounded corners, injector blades, coated razor blades in Europe. All needs for slitting blades for plastic film manufacturing, converting and recycling can be met by Sollex. In addition, we guarantee fast delivery times and reasonable prices for standard items. Read our purchase and delivery terms here.

Not sure which blade you need? Please email us your drawings or specifications so that we can help provide high quality, durable and efficient solutions to your needs. Or give us a call on +4635-157500 or drop a line at and we will help you!

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