blades for agriculture film
Johan Falk

Blades for Agriculture film

The best way to find the right blade for Agriculture film such as bale wrap, silage wrap, and horticulture wrap is to try how some different blades performs in your process.

Agriculture film is usually the collective word for bale wrap, silage wrap, and horticulture wrap. Agriculture film can sometimes be tricky to cut or slit and demands knives or razor blades with extra performance for the optimal cut or slit bale wrap, silage wrap, and horticulture wrap.

Testing Sollex conducted with customers shows that our knives and blades with ceramic coating works well for slitting or cutting agriculture film. Sollex K coating is robust and hard and can cope with the tough additives found in agriculture film or wrap. Film or wrap with really tough additives could probably use Sollex X and V products.

This is valid as a general recommendation razor blades and knives for slitting agricultural film. But for finding the optimal blade for your your bale wrap, silage wrap, or horticulture wrap the best way is to try some different blades. Sollex will be happy to help you find the optimal blade or knife for your process.

You can order blades at , or drop us a line at or call us on 00 46 35 15 75 00 #1.

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