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Blades in stock

Sollex has a large stock of knives and blades to secure fast deliveries

Johan Falk

Blades in stock

W2: 144 556 PU

Sollex keeps a relatively large stock with knives and blades ready for dispatch. We take pride in quick deliveries and therefore we each week report the number of knives and blades ready to be shipped.

W2 144 556 product units with loads of knives and blades in stock ready to be shipped. 

W1 151 032 knives and blades ready to be shipped in Sollex warehouse. 

W52 154 968 different blades ready to be shipped. 

W51 Amazing week for Sollex with 157 137 knives and blades in stock in our warehouse in Malmö Sweden.

W50 Sollex show inventory balance of 160 287 different product units. Ready to be sent asap.

W49 Sollex keeps up the large stucco inventory of of knives and blades with 156 235 product units in stock.

W48 is a good delivery week with a steady stock of 158 661 product units in stock.

W47 Sollex are happy for having 160 095 product units in stock. In essence we have very many blades for film and foil in stock. Up 3,6% since week 46.

W46 Sollex proudly presents 154 538 product units in stock. In essence we have very many blades for film and foil in stock.

Week 45 Sollex proudly presents 156 260 product units of blades in stock for delivery today. Some product units contains 250 blades and some just a single knife.

Week 44 small decrease from W42 but we still have loads of knives and razor blades in stock.

Week 43 Sollex proudly presents 160 337pcs in stock. Substantial amour to secure stable deliveries of knives and blades.

Week 42 stock number is up to 161 369 knives and blades in stock.

Week 41 Sollex had 156 122 product units in our stock in Malmö. 

Some product units contains up to 250pcs of blades and some are just one. Our large stock of knives and blades in Sweden guarantees fast  and efficient deliveries. 

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