Martor knivar och rakblad - hitta/ beställ en ny katalog hos Sollex
Johan Falk

Martor New Catalogue [2022]

The catalog thoroughly describes Martor's safety knives in the Secumax, Secupro, and Secunorm series

Thousands of workplace accidents are reported in the world yearly. 58% of all workplace accidents with tools are caused by knives or cutting tools. On average, a worker is on a sick list for 7.4 days because of a cut injury, which costs the employer about SEK 5,000 a day.

It has never been better times to secure the workplace and avoid cuts than today. Sollex together with Martor has developed a new catalog that describes the most useful safety knives and their different areas of use.

The catalog describes which safety knives are available for warehousing, logistics, and production. In more detail, the catalog is about:

  • Safety knives for film and strapping bands 
  • Safety knives for cardboard
  • Safety knives to protect the contents of packages
  • Disposable safety knives
  • Safety knives for cutting thicker materials
  • Safety knives for film and paper
  • Safety knives for cutting film and paper rolls
  • Safety knives for slabbing 
  • Food safety knives 
  • Safety knives for pharmaceutical manufacturing

In relation to the new catalog launching, Sollex would like to introduce the new Martor's safety knives SECUNORM 320 (32000110) and Martor SECUNORM 540 (54000410).

The catalog thoroughly describes Martor's safety knives in the Secumax, Secupro, and Secunorm series. You can find a safety knife for every possible purpose for warehousing and production.

Sollex stocks almost all of Martor's knives and if there is something in Martor's range we do not have in stock, we can deliver in about ten days.

Feel free to order a catalog by emailing your address.

Here you can download the catalog as a pdf.

It is not too late yet. Secure the workplace with the help of Sollex.

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