martor 612 finns hos sollex 975-2H

Sollex has Martor 612 in stock

Martor 612

Johan Falk

Martor 612

Martor Trapezklinge 612 is discontiuned, but Sollex has the same blade in stock. Part number 975-2H.

Martor trapezklinge 612 is discontinued and replaced with Sollex 975-2H

Martor Trapezklinge 612 with EAN 4002632908347 is discontinued at Martor but Sollex has this trapezoid's blade in stock with our part number 975-2H.

So if you need Martor 612Så om du behöver Martor 612 köp den hos Sollex.

martor trapez blade 612 Eisners replaced with 975-2H

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