martor 752 available at sollex

Trapez blade 752 from Martor is discontinued but Sollex makes them.

Johan Falk

Martor Trapezoid blade 752 is discontinued

Martor Trapezklinge 752 is replaced with Sollex 752.42.

Martor trapez blade 752 is discontinued and replaced with Sollex 752.42

Martor Trapezklinge 752 with EAN4002632910654 is discontinued from Martor product range but Sollex has it in stock with part number 752.42.

A large Swedish OEM asked Sollex to make them for their production. In two weeks Sollex could deliver a blade similar to Martor 752. This was good as it was imperative for our OEM customer's production. We have some spare blades from this batch af Martor 752 in stock. If you need Martor trapezoid's blade 752 Sollex can make them for your company.

So if you need Martor 752 you can order them from Sollex. 

martor trapez blad no 752

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