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Customer feedback

2262 Happy Customers


"We are still in tests but the first indications were good."

Diogo, Maintenance Manager, International Plastic film producer


"We have now changed the knifeblades to a Swedish supplier namned Sollex and the quality is on a whole new level. We have run about 100 hours and the knife blades are still sharp"

Fredrik, Maintenance, Plastic Film Producer


"Our customer is very satisfied with the new 824K Pointed blades you developed for us. It's the same high quality cut and a fantastic durability increase. Production said that they had not changed blade for three weeks. We are very happy with that."

Kristian, Spare parts, Swedish Engineering company 


"Hi Johan!

The knife blades have been tested and the operator was super satisfied. (just have to check durability/number of clips)

If nothing unexpected happens, a colleague will probably place an order. 😊

Thanks for the help."

Development Engineer, Industrial marking company 


"The blades P900V that Sollex developed for us has this year cut more than 2 miljon cuts in our tough tube material. The blades perfrom great and I have to say they seem to last surprisingly long."

Göran,  Owner and president for a company within tunnel and mining security


We are extremely happy about the large circular knife we just got from Sollex. Its like cutting through butter. The knives are really really good. They are cross cutting all the way down our material perfectly"

Maintenance manager Plastic film producer


"Since we changed to Sollex I have not heard any complaints. We are very happy with the slitter blades from Sollex. Specially the 5V blade which has solved many problems for us. Order, shipments and service has worked perfectly."

Marcus, Operative purchasing manufacturing plant in Sweden


"Finally we have changed the toothed Sollex knives we are using for cutting mineral wool.

They have been performing in 8 months, which we consider as extremely well."

Jonas, Production Engineer, Swedish mineral wool producer


"I'm very pleased and I'll continue to do business with you

My very best"

Simon, Swedish roofing company 


"Very satisfied with Sollex 2plusS blades."

Artur from Starsprings Poland SP .Z O.O.


"I received your blades last week.   Thank you  very much.   I am very impressed with the beautiful packaging !"

Mike, Multi Bag Manufacturing, Covina CA, USA


"We received the knifes and use them on the machines.

No problems so far.."

Ronald, Maintenance


"Sollex AB delivers on time and with better quality than ordered. That is my experience. Top Notch!"

Henrik, Hilab


"You have good stuff. The razor blades 2-020-K work really well for cutting polyamide. Two boxes are enough for a couple of years"

Maintenance, plastic manufacturer, Dalsland, Sweden


"Sollex blades does not wear out, therefore we just have to wait with ordering more. The blades are too good."

Leif, Maintenance  SKF


"Thanks Johan, You are the best, have a wonderful day."

Always fun to get positive feedback from valued customers.

Lasse, Film producing manager South Sweden


"Your 3-hole blades are really great, customers love them".

Lasse, Local Swedish Reseller


"We want 1000 hooks and 3 construction knives, they last a life time....."

Per, Owner of a Swedish roofing ompany

The other day we got really positive feedback from a Sollex customer.

" Thanks for quick delivery!"

"Just wanted to come with some positive feedback. 

We are super satisfied with your knives and blades."

Best Regards


GrÀnsö Slottsljusstöperi AB

Very many thanks for you fantastic feedback! Really made our day!

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