Pressrelease - Safety blade box säkerhetsbox för använda knivblad 988 - Den nya produkten hos

Work safer with the Sollex Safety Blade Box

Johan Falk

Work safer with the Sollex Safety Blade Box 988 [Video]

Sollex launches a new safe knife blade collection

Sollex safety blade box reduces cutting injuries

Many cut injuries affect Swedish craftsmen and professionals every year. On average, a knife injury means 7 days of absence and approximately 35 000 SEK in lost revenue. Many cuts occur when craftsmen change blades or handle old blades. 

To reduce Swedish cut injuries, Sollex launches the Safety blade box for craftsmen. The Sollex Safety Blade Box is designed primarily for floor layers, but is suitable for all craftsmen who use a lot of blades and smaller blades. 

Sollex safety blade box means: 

  • A clear and safe place to store used blades 
  • Quick and safe breaking off the blade segments 
  • Safe storage during transport as the container can be closed and opened 

When the blade box is full, it is closed, sealed and then ready to be handed in for recycling.

Sollex Safety blade box 988 - safety box for used blades - instruction

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