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Utility knife 2000 for Drywall and Roofing Felt

Johan Falk

Utility knife 2000 with blades for Drywall and Roofing Felt

Today we are going to tell you about our Utility knife 2000.

Today we are going to tell you about our Utility knife 2000. This knife is perfect for cutting DRYWALL and ROOFING FELT.

Some years ago it was awarded best in test by the leading Swedish Building. 

Scores of the Construction Knife 2000 according to magazine "Byggnads Arbetaren" (

  • Weight: 186g;
  • Grip: 4,5 of 5,0
  • Blade: 4,0 of 5,0
  • Maintenance: 5,0 of 5,0
  • Flexibility: 4,5 of 5,0
  • General Impression: 5,0 of 5,0

The Utility Knife 2000 is large enough to be handled with gloves and designed to reduce wear on the users wrist.

Straight blades are perfect for DRYWALL 10P, 975P hook blades - for ROOFING FELT

The knife it easy to open and to change blades. Inside you keep a complete dispenser with blades. You simply push the blade forward from the dispenser and place it on the magnet. The magnet makes the blade aligned so its perfectly fixed when you close the knife. When using a hook blade you need much less force to cut compared to a straight blade. The knife is designed to always be ready while kept in its holder. 

When buying Sollex construction knife the holder is included. We have also designed a good system to handle used blades.  

Find below the utility knife 2000 and fantastic blades for Drywall 10P and Roofing felt 975 P which you can order and enjoy your work.

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