Vi står med Ukraina 🇺🇦 Slava Ukraina

We stand with Ukraine 🇺🇦 Slava Ukraine

Support Kharkiv here! Reporting of money raised and spent


Delivery of medicine and medical supplies to Kharkiv Military Hospital

In January, Sollex sent 60 kg of humanitarian medical aid to the regional hospital in Kharkiv, which mainly focuses on helping Ukrainian military soldiers. Many bandages, plasters, hygiene bags and adult diapers were sent. Kharkiv remains one of the main cities receiving wounded from the war-affected areas of the Donbas. 

The hospitals' need for medicines and especially for wound bandaging is enormous. We are publishing a photo sent to us by a surgeon from an operation to make it clear that this help is greatly appreciated.

Delivery of medical supplies to Kharkiv Ukraine in January - Sollex blogIf you have such medical supplies that you no longer need, we will be happy to help you get them to a place where they are vital. You can contact Alexandra who will take care of this matter.


Reporting of money raised and spent


Once again, we would like to thank everyone who helped. You are wonderful people, thank you!

Below is more detailed information about transfers for people in Ukraine who need urgent help. The table shows the name of the recipient, the purpose of the transfer and the amount transferred in Swedish kronor. The total amount of aid given to residents and animals in Ukraine was 12950 SEK. We at Sollex will not stop there and will continue to help those in need. You can also join us, even a small amount sent to someone in need right now can save them from something terrible.

You can also donate an amount via Swish to Aleksandra Alwandi (0700 92 42 94), which she will send directly to those in need in Ukraine. If you need more information on this topic, please send an e-mail to

Name of the recipientPurpose of the transferAmount, kr
Anastasia Pronosa Volunteer - Petrol, food and medicines2100
Andrei SoloviovSoldier - Petrol200
Anna GoltsbergVolunteer - medicines and petrol300
Dmitriy SheludkoVolunteer - Petrol300
Dmytro BouniaevVolunteer - Petrol500
Elena Levshnya "Dom angelov"Animal feed350
Helping hand SwedenSupplies, medicines1650
Helping hand Sweden Swish 300
Illia AstakhovEmergency - medicines200
Marina GravnovaEmergency - medicines300
Marina Novohatskaya Emergency - help for baby 350
Natalia KoziiEmergency - medicines500
Nikolaev ZooAnimal feed300
Nikolaii SmirnovVolunteer - Petrol300
Oleksandr Girman Emergency - medicines300
Pavlo OnischukVolunteer - Petrol250
Sirius djurhemAnimal feed350
Dana NogornaVolunteer - Petrol400



Here's a report on the help we've provided to the people of Ukraine.

The company Sollex has bought and sent through "Helping hand Sweden" (, first aid goods: sleeping mats, 900 ml steel thermos, alkaline batteries, large first aid kits, blankets. Sollex and Identity Teander Communication sent Swish for the purchase of turnniquets ( combat application tourniquets) and medicines, which the Ukrainian soldiers are in great need of.

Reporting of collected and spent money - Sollex and Sweden support Ukraine

Special thanks also to all those who together with Sollex helped Ukrainians: Johan F., Daniel C., Jenny D. F., Jenny J., Annika W. H., Stefan S., Anders Ö., Bo G., Håkan A., Erik W., Martin T., Fredrik L., Karin E., Ulf L., Maya F., Per H., Charlie S., Olivia F, Mattias N and Elisabeth F. We have received 8900 SEK via Swish - every penny has been sent to various volunteers' accounts, first of all for petrol, medicine, the animal shelter Sirius ) and Nikolaev Zoo ( ). Thanks to the help we have bought things for women and babies: shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sanitary napkins, wipes (for babies), diapers, medicine (Alvedon, Ipren for adults and children).

Money was also sent to save a soldier Eugeniiy Koziiy, who lost his leg on the very first day of the Russian occupation of Ukrainian territory and who needed money for medicines. 

Reporting of collected and spent money / Sollex and Sweden support Ukraine - 2

Thank you very much for your replies and your kind heart. Every penny counts right now and can save someone's life. You can send Swish on 0700924294 to Alexandra so that she can continue to help ordinary people and animals who need help right now during the war in Ukraine.

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