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Johan Falk

Blades for Stretch and Recycled Films

Blades for stretch and recycled films or blades for Reifenhäuser's circular system

Another company that is singing the praises of recycled films is Reifenhäuser. This company made its first extruder in 1947. They pride themselves on developing, producing, and selling high-performance plastics machinery. 

During the K2019 fair, Reifenhäuser made a big bet on recycling with their EVO technology for standard applications (3-5 layers), barrier films (5-11 layers), and ultra-stretch. 

Reifenhäuser EVO ultra-stretch is a new solution for processing polyethylene. The film stretching is used for breathable backsheet films in the hygiene sector. You can stretch the film using initial heat on the four- to six-fold extent. This gives higher process stability and lower shrink values due to the longer cooling path. The process is both economical and ecological and gives a recyclable film with improved sealing properties which can replace PET. The film's simple heat sealing property also allows a high degree of efficiency in the finishing process.*

Another example that Reifenhäuser was showing at the K2019 was their heavy-duty Exxon bag, produced on a five-layer line. The outer layers are made from virgin material but the middle layer is made from recycled materials.

Naturally, all films need to be slitted and that’s where Sollex comes in. Sollex has blades for raw materials such as:

  • LDPE
  • mLLDPE
  • PP
  • Ionmers
  • Adhesives
  • PA6
  • CoPA
  • EVOH
  • COC
  • PETG
  • MDPE
  • HDPE
  • PS
  • EVA
  • EBA
  • Bio raw materials

The more layers of raw materials, the greater the need for the correct slitting process. If you need blades for stretch wrapping film, Sollex is your partner. 

The circular economy is not just in the raw materials - it also involves additives. For instance, Reifenhäuser uses resin producers who can develop resin needed to change technologies. Changes in additives affect the slitting process, so Sollex believes there is an increased future need to examine film and blades.

Sollex gives users and plants cutting edge performance. Customers also get the entire package of expertise from us, such as which blade to use for stretched film. As a result, our customers can significantly improve their finished product quality and slit film using stable processes.


Johan Falk

CEO Sollex AB

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