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Overview of CNC Digital Cutting Systems & Flatbed Cutters

Digital cutting on plotters - cutters have become very popular today. CNC digital cutting systems are used in many industries and for the production of a wide range of products. In this article, we will learn more about digital cutting, what cutting machines perform it, and the manufacturers of CNC digital cutters.

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CNC Digital Cutting Systems & Flatbed Cutters Manufacturers

CNC digital cutting systems, digital print cut machines and flatbed cutter tables are used in various industries to cut materials such as cardboard, vinyl, acrylic, foam, etc. Below is a table that lists some well-known manufacturers, their countries of origin, the models of digital cutters they offer and the types of materials their machines are usually capable of cutting.

ZUnd CNC digital cutter G3, D3, Summa F series cutter, Summa S class plotter, Kongsberg cutter table, Roland vinyl cutter - Sollex

CNC Digital Cutting Systems & Flatbed Cutters



Models of Cutters

Materials to Cut

Zünd Systemtechnik AG


G3, S3, D3 Flatbed Cutters

Textiles, Vinyl, Foam, Rubber, Acrylic, Cardboard

Gerber Technology


Gerber table digital cutting systems: DCS, MCT Cutter, Gerber Atria, Gerber Paragon, Gerber Taurus, Gerber Z1

Textiles, Vinyl, Foam, Rubber, Acrylic, Composites

Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems


Cutting tables: X Series, C Series, Kongsberg X Edge, Kongsberg C Edge

Foam, Corrugated Materials, Acrylic, Composites, POS Displays, Signage, Packaging

Esko Digital Cutting Systems


Kongsberg X, Kongsberg C, Kongsberg V

Vinyl, Cardboard, Foam, Corrugated Materials, Acrylic, Signage, Packaging,  Displays



APEX1R CNC Router, Digital Express, Celero Series

Wood, Acrylic, Foam, Aluminum, Composites



Mimaki Print & Cut inkjet printers: CJV150 Series, UCJV300 Series, CJV330 Series, CJV300 Plus Series, UCJV330 Series

Mimaki Flatbed Cutting Plotters: CF3 Series, CF2 Series, CFL-605RT, CF22-1225

Mimaki Cutting Plotter - Vinyl Cutter Roll to Roll: CG-FXII Plus Series, CG-AR Series

Paper, Foam, Rubber, Plastics,, POP, Package, Sign & Display, Graphics, Labels



Flatbed Cutter F Series: F1612, F1432, F1832, F3220, F3232; 

S Class 3  Tangential Knife Roll Cutters: S3 TC75, S3 D10, S3 D140, S3 TC160

S One Drag Knife Vinyl Cutters: S1 D60, S1 D120, S1 D140 (FX), S1 D160

Textiles, Vinyl, Cardboard, Foam, Rubber, Signage, POS Displays, Samples, Packaging, Stickers, Billboards

Aristo Cutting Solutions


Aristomat LFC Series, TL Series, GL Series

Textiles, Fibre Glass, Gaskets, Paper, Foils, Rubber, Foam, Leather, Composite, Packaging, Sign & Graphics



Graphtec flatbed cutters: FCX2000, FCX4000

Vinyl, Foam, Rubber, Cardboard, Film

Gerber Digital Cutters

Gerber Technology's digital cutters are designed to work with a wide range of materials including textiles, vinyl, foam, rubber, acrylics and composites. They are often used in industries such as fashion, transportation, technical textiles, packaging and Sign & Graphics. The cutters are equipped with advanced software to optimize the cut path and can handle both small and large format materials.

Zünd Automatic Cutting Systems & Flatbed Cutters

Blades for Digital Cutting Systems and Plotter Cutters - Sollex blogZünd's digital cutting systems, flatbed cutters are known for their modular design that allows for multiple tool and material handling options. We can say that the manufacturer Zünd has the widest offer of digital cutters and possible cutting techniques among its competitors. These cutters are excellent at cutting textiles, vinyl, foam, rubber, acrylic and cardboard. Due to their high precision and efficiency, Zünd cutters are popular in industries such as graphics, advertising, packaging and textiles. For a more in-depth overview on ZUND Digital Cutters, modular solutions, cutting techniques and knives for digital cutting systems, read our article Zund Digital Cutting Systems Overview.

Kongsberg Digital Cutting Tables & Digital Cutters

Kongsberg's X and C series cutters are designed for a wide range of materials including foam, corrugated, acrylic and composites. These machines for digital cutting are designed for industries such as signage, packaging and display manufacturing. If you are thinking about a cutting table for die-less cutting and processing large quantities of signage or packaging material, the Kongsberg digital cutting table is an excellent choice.

MultiCam Digital CNC Cutters

MultiCam digital CNC routers such as the APEX1R CNC Router, Digital Express and Celero Series are capable of cutting materials such as wood, acrylic, foam, aluminum and composites. MultiCam cutters are used in industries such as woodworking, signage and aerospace.

Mimaki Flatbed Cutters & Plotter-Cutters

Mimaki's CFL-605RT and CF22-1225 are flatbed cutters designed for a range of materials including paper, foam, rubber, plastics, and leather. These cutters are known for their precision and are often used in the signage, packaging, and textile industries. By adjusting the knife lowering depth, the plotter allows for half thickness cutting of composite, laminated and other sheet materials.

Mimaki Cutter Plotters are used for high-speed and high-precision contour cutting of signs, displays, window graphics, banners, posters, labels and decals, stickers, templates for coloring and airbrushing, wobblers, and other POS-materials. The Mimaki CJV150 Series are the latest high-performance plotters with combined printing and precision contour cutting capabilities for the widest range of applications in outdoor and interior advertising. The Mimaki CJV150 is a versatile system that makes it possible to produce the widest range of printed products at low initial investment and running costs.

Summa Flatbed & Roll-Fed Vinyl Cutters

Tangential - kiss cutting knife in Summa flatbed cutter for vinyl cutting - SollexSumma's F Series flatbed cutters are versatile machines capable of cutting textiles, vinyl, cardboard, foam, and rubber. These cutters are suitable for industries like Sign & Display, Fashion, Packaging. Summa S3 D series vinyl cutters have a drag blade cutting head. The Summa S3 T Series has an advanced True Tangential cutting head. The S Class 3 TC models are the most advanced S3 series cutters. Their high precision cutting head can carry two tools at once, allowing you to cut and draw without changing tools. The best sticker cutting machines for making and precision cutting vinyl stickers and labels are Summa cutters.

Aristo Digital Flatbed Cutters

Aristo Cutting Systems is a German manufacturer of computer-controlled wide-format static and conveyor flatbed cutters for processing rigid and flexible materials. Aristo offers the TL, GL and LFC Series of table cutters, designed for cutting a variety of materials such as packaging, signage, and digital printing. Aristo cutters allow you to carve, creasing, scoring, punching, milling or marking a variety of materials.

Buy Knives for CNC Digital Cutting Systems

All of the CNC digital cutters listed above use special knives to make the cutting. Flatbed cutter tables usually have a modular configuration and can be used to perform different cutting and processing techniques depending on which tool is currently installed and which knife is mounted in the tool head.

Zund Summa Cutting Tools and Knives Example - Sollex

Purchase knives from Sollex for these cutting tools:

  • Drag knife tool
  • Tangential / Kiss cut knife tool
  • Single edge knife cutout tool
  • Double edge knife cutout tool
  • Heavy duty knife cutout tool
  • V-Cut knife tool
  • Electronic Oscillating EOT knife tool
  • Pneumatic Oscillating POT knife tool
  • Perforating knife tool
  • Rotary knife tool
  • Router / routing bits tool
  • Creasing tool

If you are looking for a supplier of cutting consumables and knives for vinyl plotters and digital cutting tables from manufacturers such as Zund, Summa, Aristo, ESKO, Kongsberg, Gerber, Sollex can provide you with high quality knives on time and at an exceptional price. We manufacture plotter and cutter knives from high quality tungsten carbide and with high wear resistance. Here you can see our drag knives, oscillating knives, tangential cutter knives, vinyl cutter knives. 

If you do not find the knife you need, please contact us by mail, as not all of our products are available on our website.

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