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Optimizing Film Production with Sollex Razor Blades [Customer Case]

This case illustrates the importance of understanding the specific needs and challenges in film production

Customer Enquiry Description

A product development manager from a company specializing in the production of compostable films approached Sollex with a unique set of production challenges. The company manufactures a variety of films, including home compostable and industrial compostable films, using casting, blowing, and lamination processes.

They were in the process of developing a new cast film, which would undergo metallization requiring perfect film quality and a precise winding profile. Specifications for the film included:

  • Thicknesses of 20 and 25 microns
  • Maximum reel length of 15,000 meters
  • Reel width of 1800 mm

Annual growth rings are absolutely not acceptable - Troubleshooting Common Cutting Problems - Sollex blogDuring production, the company faced issues with thickened edges on the film, significantly impacting the usability of the final product. The production manager suspected this could be due to the use of a double bevel blade in their current setup, which includes two trimming stations.

Sollex's Expert Analysis and Recommendations

Upon reviewing the detailed specifications and production processes provided by the client, Sollex assessed that the issues were not solely related to blade type but possibly also to operational parameters such as material tension and equipment stability. Poor slitting can leave dust and corrugations in the material edge. These corrugations results in edge build-up when winding. When unwinding films, high reel edges cause difficulties and often render the film or foil unusable.

The company has encountered a problem related to the cutting and winding of film rolls, often referred to as uneven roll edge (annual rings). This is usually not related to the slitting process, but is due to the fact that the tension of the material is not constant or that the roll is not secured. Or both. Read more about defects in plastic film when cutting on a slitter machinery here.

Cutting PE and PP in thicknesses of 20 and 25 micron a razor blade is the optimal cutting method. To address the thickened edges and ensure cleaner cuts, Sollex recommended experimenting with several of their industrial-grade blades, tailored to meet the precise needs of film slitting:

  • 2-013-Z - Straight 3-hole blade 0.13mm Zero Friction
  • 2-020-Z - Straight 3-hole blade 0.20mm Zero Friction
  • 2-030-Z - Straight 3-hole blade 0.30mm Zero Friction

Sollex has a wide excellent range of knives and razor blades for slitter rewinder to cut flexible materialsEach of these blades offers unique properties designed to minimize dust and reduce the formation of corrugations at the cut edge, which are crucial for films intended for high-quality finishes like metallization. Sollex also suggested that the client confirm consistent material tension and a securely fixed shaft at their trimming stations to prevent irregularities during slitting.

Implementation and Impact

Sollex provided samples of the recommended blades for testing in the client's upcoming production run. The new blades were selected to enhance the slitting process, particularly focusing on achieving a clean and precise cut which is critical for maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of the film.

Following the integration of Sollex blades, the client reported a significant improvement in the quality of the film edges. The optimized slitting process not only reduced the edge build-up but also enhanced the overall productivity and efficiency of the film production line.


As a result of cutting and winding of flexible materials, such as films, foils, 2 factors play a role - it is the operator settings of the cutting machine and properly selected blades, matched to the material, its thickness, cutting speed, the presence of additives etc.

High-quality razor blades are essential for achieving cleaner cuts on flexible roll materials. The precision of these cuts significantly reduces the accumulation of dust particles between the layers of the film, directly contributing to the overall quality of the final product. Conversely, using subpar slitting techniques can lead to undesirable effects on the cut edges, such as corrugations. These corrugations, when the web is wound into rolls, can elevate the edges of the roll. Elevated roll edges complicate the unwinding process, often rendering the film or foil difficult to handle and sometimes completely unusable. Read more in our blog article "5 Ways to Improve Your Slitting and Cutting".

Selecting and utilizing the correct razor blades for the slitting process is crucial. The right blades ensure that the film layers lie flush against each other, enhancing not only the aesthetic and functional quality of the film but also significantly boosting productivity in the manufacturing process. This approach not only streamlines production but also minimizes waste and operational delays, leading to a more efficient production cycle and higher-quality end products.

This case illustrates the importance of understanding the specific needs and challenges in film production and how Sollex’s tailored solutions can lead to significant improvements. Sollex's expertise in industrial blades, combined with a deep understanding of film production specifications and challenges, allowed for the delivery of a solution that enhanced the client's product quality and production efficiency.

For companies in similar sectors facing challenges with film slitting and edge quality, Sollex offers not just high-quality blades but also a partnership approach to problem-solving, ensuring that each solution is customized to meet the unique needs of the production process.

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