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Blades for Reifenhauser Extrusion Lines

Reifenhauser is developing, producing, and selling high-performance machinery for plastics converters and full range suppliers of flexible packaging. The company made its first extruder in 1947 and is well-known for technologies and know-how about plastic extrusion. Reifenhäuser makes production lines and components for sustainable blown film, flat film, and nonwovens. In addition the Reifenhauser blown film extrusion - sollexcompany has recycle solutions for production-related scrap from PET-PE laminates.

Overview of Reifenhauser Extrusion Lines

Reifenhäuser production lines makes high quality nonwoven, blown film, cast film, sheet using PE, PET, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, recycled materials, TPU and other raw materials. Reifenhauser extrusion lines are widely used for the production of medical, industrial, consumer, agricultural and filtration products.

Reifenhäuser made a big bet on recycling with their EVO technology for standard applications (3-5 layers), barrier films (5-11 layers), and ultra-stretch. Reifenhäuser EVO ultra-stretch is a solution for processing polyethylene. The film stretching is used for breathable backsheet films in the hygiene sector. Producers can stretch film using initial heat on the four- to six-fold extent. This gives higher process stability and lower shrink values due to the longer cooling path. The process is both economical and ecological and gives a recyclable film with improved sealing properties which can replace PET. The film's simple heat sealing property also allows a high degree of efficiency in the finishing process.

3 specific types of products that are produced on Reifenhäuser extrusion lines:

  • sustainable blown film (air and water cooled blown film)
  • flat films ( packaging films for consumer goods or industry )
  • nonwovens (PP/PET REICOFIL Spunbond, Meltblown, Composite & Bico)

Reifenhauser EVO Fusion, Value CPP ultra wide, RF5 spundbond extruder lines - sollex

Accordingly there are 3 types of Raifenhäuser extrusion lines:

  • Blown Film Lines: Evo Fusion, EVO, EVO Micro, EVO Bio, EVO Agriculture, EVO Aqua Cool, EVO Multi Bubble, EVO FFS

Reifenhauser Blown Film Extrusion Lines - Sollex Blog

  • Flat Film: Value CPP Ultra WIde, Value Cast Barrier, Value Cast Hygiene / Industry, Value CPP, Value Sheet PP/PS, Value Sheet Inline, Value Sheet PET/PLA, Value Sheet Barrier, Value Sheet Special, Value PET, Value Coating

Reifenhauser Flat Film Extrusion Lines - Sollex Blog

  • Non-woven: RF5 Spunbound, RF Smart Spundound, RF5 Meltblown, RF Meltblown, RF5 Composite, RF Smart Composite

Reifenhauser Non woven Extrusion Lines - Sollex Blog

Circular economy and recycling processes are a significant part of the Reifenhauser's business. Production lines for the "circular economy" facilitate and enable the production of recyclable and biodegradable products. Flexible, fully recyclable barrier films (PE or PP with EVOH), fully recyclable ALL-PE laminate packaging, CPP packaging film are examples of plastic recyclable products, that can be produced on Reifenhäuser lines. Products from recyclates, such as heavy duty polyethylene bags, shopping bags, as well as biodegradable and recyclable PVOH barrier films, bio-based diapers (PLA) are other examples of valuable final products.‌

Blades for Reifenhäuser Blown Film Lines

Razor Slitting with Industrial Razor Blades - Example - Sollex blogNaturally, all films need to be slitted and that’s where Sollex comes in. Sollex has industrial blades for slitting plastic flexible materials such as: PE, PET, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, TPU, PVC, EVA, EBA, BOPP, bio raw and recycled materials. The more layers of raw materials, the greater the need for the correct slitting process. If you need blades for stretch wrapping film, Sollex is your partner.

The circular economy is not just in the raw materials - it also involves additives. For instance, Reifenhäuser uses resin producers that can develop resin needed to change technologies. Changes in additives affect the slitting process, so Sollex believes there is an increased future need to examine film and blades.

Choose the right blade for converting and slitting

Sollex knives for cutting bio pcr pir plastic film - Plastic film manufacturingWith Sollex blades you can slit in-line avoiding second process converting. Firstly choose a blade design based on which blade holder your machinery has. In general producers of flexible film should choose the thinest blade possible for having the cleanest cut. Basically as thin blade as possible but still avoiding blade vibrations and having long time durability. Sollex K blades works wonders for additives in general and specifically chalk. Sollex Z blades is the choice for thin stretch film. For PP use Sollex V blades. Sollex C blades are optimized for EVA.

Sollex gives converters and full range suppliers cutting edge performance. Customers also get the entire package of expertise, such as which blade to use for stretched film. As a result, our customers can significantly improve their finished product quality and slit film using stable processes.

General Sollex recommendations of industrial razor blades for Reifenhäuser blown film extruder machines

Material to cut

Blade recommendation


5V or 2-030-V



PE, PET, HDPE, LDPE ( Stretch film )

5Z, 4-60-030-Z, 2-030-Z, 5-020-Z, 2-020-Z

PE, PET, HDPE, LDPE ( + Calcium carbonate / Caco3 Filler Masterbatch )

5K, 2-030-K, 2-020-K, 2-013-K

PE, PET, HDPE, LDPE ( + Print, Colored )

5X, 2-030-X


5V or 2-030-V

Film with paper or paper like materials

5K or 2-030-K

Buy Industrial Blades for Plastic Film Extrusion 

Sollex blades and knives for manufacturing flexible packaging and recyclingSollex AB is a Swedish company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution ofindustrial razor bladesand cutting tools. Sollex exports its products to customers in more than 50 countries around the world, and has a strong reputation for innovation and excellence in the industrial cutting industry.

We offer a variety of blade types for plastic film extrusion lines, including  slotted slitter blades, straight 3-hole blades, 3-hole slitter blades with rounded corners, coated film converting blades, as well as pelletizer blades for plastic recycling.

Ordering Sollex industrial blades is very quick and easy. You can do it online on our website or contact us by mail or phone. Almost all industrial blades are usually in stock. Delivery within Sweden is 1-2 working days, to other countries about 3-5 working days. If you do not find the slitting blade you are looking for, we can manufacture industrial blades according to your drawing. 

Feel free to contact us at +4635-15 75-00 if you have any questions regarding our industrial machine blades.

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