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5 Best Selling Sollex Blades

Detailed review of the 5 best-selling Sollex knives and blades


  1. 2PlusS Industrial Craft Blade
  2. Pointed Blades: 761, 761X, 761V
  3. 5K Slotted Slitting Blade
  4. 180P Snap-off Blades PRO
  5. 10P Utility Hook Blade PRO

#1. 2PlusS Industrial Craft Blade

Universal Razor Blades for Art, Renovation, and Construction

Professional 2PlusS razor blades are individually wrapped in protective wax paper

The 2PlusS industrial craft blades are renowned for their versatility in both industrial and craft applications, making them the best-selling item in our range. Annually, Sollex distributes over 2.5 million blades to painters, craftsmen, and retail stores. Each blade is individually wrapped in paraffin paper and is available in packs of 10 or boxes of 100 pieces. The packaging is designed for retail suitability. We offer competitive prices for retailers and dealers. For collaboration and to feature quality Sollex products in your store, please contact us via phone or email.

2PlusS: Design, Dimensions, and Coating

Dimensions: 40 x 22 x 0.20mm.

Material: Crafted from carbon steel.

Coating: A double-edged design complemented by a protective oxide layer.

The 2PlusS, also known as the Professional Razor Blade, is continuously refined. These industrial-type razor blades offer unparalleled sharpness and durability, making them a favorite among painters and decorators.

2PlusS: Compatibility

The 2PlusS blade is compatible with various tools, including wallpaper knives from Anza, Stiwex, Habo, as well as cutting planes and cutters. Its manual usability offers adaptability in diverse working conditions. 2PlusS blades serve as alternatives to professional razor blades like Mäster Professional Blade 9454005, Anza Industrial blade 631010, Stiwex Industrial blade 9335, Habo Brushes Professional Blade 220030, and Hard Head Razor Blade.

Applications of 2PlusS Industrial Craft Blade

Small pieces of cork are cut with professional blades to be attached to woodwind instruments as a damper between flaps, wood and metal - Sollex Blog

These industrial razor blades are ideal for cutting a diverse range of materials, including wallpaper, fabric, felt, rubber, leather, vinyl, and plastic film. The 2PlusS is versatile for various tasks:

Model Making and Sculpture: Essential for hobbyists and artists for detailed work on models or sculptures, especially with materials like clay, cardboard, cork or foam.

Leather Crafting: Perfect for intricate cuts in leatherwork, ensuring clean edges in products like wallets and belts.

Graphic Design and Bookbinding: Invaluable for graphic designers and bookbinders for precise cutting of paper, cardboard, and similar materials.

DIY Projects: Ideal for DIY enthusiasts for precise cutting tasks.

Restoration Work: Suitable for delicate cleaning or material removal in restoration projects, particularly with artifacts or paintings.

Medical and Laboratory Applications: Useful in laboratories or medical settings for sample preparation or educational dissections.

Read here how the Evolutionary Museum in Uppsala uses 2PlusS industrial razor blades.


#2. Pointed Blades: 761, 761X, 761V

Pointed blade 761 is an old Martor Pointed blade 761.08 that Sollex offers in three different qualities: in steel (part 761), fully ceramic coated (part 761X), and in solid tungsten carbide (761V). The pointed blade is usually used for piercing, puncturing and perforating.

martor 761.08 pointed blade drawing - sollex blog

761: Dimensions and Design

Dimensions: 33 x 26 x 0.80 mm

Grinding: Double edge / Two-sided / single bevel

Sollex pointed machine blade like Martor 761 ceramic coated

761 Pointed-tip blades are very sharp and have two cutting edges for a long service life. The blades are 33 mm long, 26 mm wide and 0.80 mm thick. Pointed blades have the following characteristics: 2-sided ground-edge, single bevel edge-ground, 2-cutting edges. The 761 Pointed Blades are very sharp and provide the ability to pierce through stiffer materials with little effort.

Sollex blades with pointed tips are made of steel, solid tungsten carbide, and are coated with a ceramic coating. Steel is relatively soft, which is sometimes necessary for the manufacturing process. The fully ceramic coated blade combines internal softness with an extremely hard surface, giving the pointed blade flexibility and durability. The solid tungsten version is extremely hard, giving the pointed blade precision and extreme durability.

Applications of Pointed blades 761

The 761 Pointed Blade is most commonly used for making perforations in paper, cardboard or packaging materials. It is especially useful when you want to cut specific perforation patterns in paper or cardboard.

The 761V blade is quite fragile when inserted into the machine and requires careful handling. But once in place, it has a very long life.

The 761V blade is used extensively by manufacturers of packaging, paper and board products. A lot of machine builders have this blade in their packaging material cutting machines.

Read a case study on our blog about our Swedish customer Rock Safety Systems and how they use the 761 Pointed Tip Blades to produce unique rock bolts for rock reinforcement - Unique Method of Rock Reinforcement [Customer Case] ❘ Sollex


#3. 5K Slotted Slitting Blade

5K slitter slotted blade with ceramic coating for industrial use - sollex blog

Slotted slitter blades are industrial blades that are used in the razor slitting method. For example, in the production of blown plastic film, slotted blades are used to slit the plastic film web to a specific width and then wind it onto rolls in cutter-rewinder machine section.

In general, 5K slotted blades are suitable for cutting plastic films with additives. The protective ceramic coating makes their cutting edge much more durable. The 5k is ranked as the 3rd best selling Sollex product due to its wide applicability, excellent cut quality and high cutting performance.

5K: Dimension and Design

Dimensions: 57 x 19 x 0.40 mm

Grinding: Double edge / Two-sided / Triple bevel

The 5K Slitter blade has black ceramic-coated cutting edges with a fine-grained structure. The coating optimally protects the edge when cutting plastic film with additives such as chalk, calcium carbonate, PCR and PIR, various masterbatches. FDA and EC approved for food contact.

Applications of 5K Slotted Razor Blade

Blades with article 5K are the best-selling and most versatile slotted slitter blades and are mainly suitable for slitting a wide range of materials. For example, these industrial razor blades are definitely suitable and recommended for slitting such materials:

  • Plastic film with PCR and PIR. Read more about 5K and PCR film here
  • Packaging plastic film with print. Read more about 5K for slitting packaging film here
  • White plastic film with calcium carbonate additives. Read more here
  • PE Foam. Read more about cutting PE foam here

These slotted slitting razor blades are equivalent to Cadence Optima Ceramic Rounded Slotted Blades OF-SLC15-RE-S and Fortis Rounded Slotted Razor Blade - Double Edge 20.80.837-040.


#4. 180P Snap-off Blades PRO

Sollex snap-off utility blade 180P PRO

Sollex Snap-Off Blades PRO 180P 18mm are premium utility blades designed for professional use. Utility blades 180P are ideal in situations where a sharp edge is constantly needed. Since these snap-off blades can be snapped off to reveal a new sharp section, they save time and effort in replacing the entire blade.

The 180P is compatible with all standard 18mm utility snap-off knives. It comes in a dispenser of 10 blades, with 10 dispensers per box, ensuring ample supply for continuous professional use.

Available for sale in retail stores in a hanging pack.

180P: Dimensions and Design

Dimensions: 100x17.9x0.5mm

Grinding: single edge / two-sided / double bevel

Sollex 180P blades are made from German high-quality carbon steel with a high chromium content

Sollex knives and knife blades are of high quality and have long durability - Buy knives and blades online

180P: Compatibility

Use these PRO utility blades with most standard 18mm snap-off knives from manufacturers such as OLFA, Stanley, NT Cutter, Milwaukee, etc.

Applications of 180P Snap-off Blade PRO

These knives are excellent for tasks requiring precise cuts, such as in graphic design, arts and crafts, or detailed construction work. The fine edge allows for accuracy in cutting paper, cardboard, vinyl, wallpaper, and other materials.

Snap-off knives like NT Cutter 5180 with blades 180P provide a quick solution for packaging in environments such as warehouses or shipping departments, where opening boxes and cutting through packaging materials is a common task.

These 180P Utility Snap-Off Blades provide precise, straight cuts in construction and flooring applications for cutting materials such as wallpaper, carpet or vinyl flooring.

In manufacturing and industrial applications, especially those involving plastics, rubber, non-woven snap-off blades are useful for their sharpness and ability to maintain a consistent edge.


#5. 10P Utility Hook Blade PRO

Hook blades in the pack of 10 for roofers - Sollex knife blades

The Hook Utility Blade 10P is a specialized utility blade used often for roofing, flooring and other heavy-duty applications. Utility hook blades have a hook at each end and are designed to cut through thick materials without damage to the material underneath. The primary method of use for these blades is a pulling motion.

Available for sale in retail stores in a hanging pack.

10P: Dimensions and Design

Dimensions: 51 x 19 x 0.65mm

Grinding: double edge / two sided / double bevel

10P Hook Blade features a unique hook design at both ends, making it ideal for cutting thick materials like roofing felt or linoleum. This design allows for reaching challenging areas where standard utility knives might struggle.

Sollex construction knife / dolphin knife 2000 for cutting plasterboard and roofing felt with dispenser with extra blade inside the knife

The hook design of the blade allows roofers to hook onto the material and pull downwards for a clean cut, reducing the effort required in cutting.

10P: Compatibility

The 10P hook blades are compatible with a variety of utility knives, including the Sollex Construction Knife 2000 and dolphin knife 1280 for flooring, Stanley Classic 199, 99, FatMax, Milwaukee Fastback etc.

These Sollex hook blades 10P can be an alternative to the following hook blades: Mozart hook blade 110.065, 115.065; Lutz hook blades 1250.0650, 1251.0650; Milwaukee® hook blade 48-22-1932; Martor hook blade No. 55.70; Wolfcraft 4188000 hook blade; Dewalt Roofing blades DWHT11134.

Applications of 10P utility hooked blade

The hook blade is primarily used for cutting roofing materials such as underlayment, roofing felt, and shingles. Its design minimizes the force needed for cutting. Besides roofing materials, these blades are suitable for cutting flooring materials, carpets, linoleum, PVC, EPDM.

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